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Stop Wearing a Mask – You Are Enough – Law of Attraction Success

Stop Wearing a Mask – You Are Enough

How many times have you wore a mask to fit in with the crowd? How often do you pretend to be something your not just because that is what people are expecting?


That was me. That’s what I was doing in the beginning of my journey with this new knowledge. I felt like I had to change who I was and become something foreign to me. I was wearing a mask.



This mask was a prison for my soul.

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It was a prison for my passion and it was a shackle for my authenticity. I wasn’t being real. It wasn’t being me. I wasn’t fitting in even though I was trying to fit it. But I could never fit in because I wasn’t happy being fake.

This was a big challenge. It was a big hurdle.

The only way for me to be who I was, the only way for me to be me was to remove my mask and let my inner strength and inner power shine. Once I took this step I was able to really start to help people learn and grow. I was able to become the person I was suppose to be. I became real.

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But how was I able to remove the mask?

Listen to this podcast now and learn how I received the message, motivation and confidence to become the real me. By listening to this podcast you will be able to see how you get step into the real you too.

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What If You Decided Now is the Time? – Law of Attraction in Action

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What If You Decided Now is the Time?

What if you started acting on the ideas that came to you? What if you started listening to your intuition?

These were the questions I asked myself at the end of October 2017. I found myself getting bored with the routine I had. I started experiencing the Lull. You probably know that feeling. When you feel like you’re just sleepwalking through each day.

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I said to myself, ‘Where’s the excitement?’

I had the success but those are just bright moments in a series of moments.

I thought, ‘How can I extend the feeling and energy of those bright moments?’ Continue reading What If You Decided Now is the Time? – Law of Attraction in Action