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Laughter, A Natural Medicine

Laughter Enhances the Quality of Life 

It can help you increase and stimulate creative thought. It has more healing properties than you may know. It reminds us that life should be fun. When we use laughter we feel positive and we draw those people to us that are also in the positive field. Laughter releases endorphins. Endorphins are found mainly in the brain, they reduce the sensation of pain and affect emotions. When you laugh it actually helps you to manage stress.

006 "Laughter, A Natural Medicine"

The Benefits When You Laugh

  • Laughter is therapeutic.
  • Laughter has the ability to boost your immunity.
  • It relieves anxiety
  • Improves your resilience.
  • Releases your feel good chemicals.
Productivity and Laughter
  • Companies excel when they can use humor in their plan of business.
  • When you are at work and those wonderful funny emails make you laugh they actually relieve stress that may show up in your day.
  • People that use laughter throughout their day are far more happy and productive.
  • People that can laugh are much more joyful to work with.

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