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Energy, How are we using it?

Energy, how are we using it?

In our book ‘Your Invincible Power’ we talk about energy, but we’re not talking about vigor or stamina we’re talking about vibration and movement. We are talking about these two powerful energy fields. If your energy field is in a higher frequency then life for you is pleasant. Each day is a day worth waking up to. However, if your energy is in the lower field life serves up problem upon problem.

energy You are in controlOur emotions tell us every moment whether we are in a higher energy field or a lower one. Here are some ways that will tell you what field you are in at each moment.

These are the telling signs of the high energy field:

  • You feel uplifted and happy.
  • Life is much more simpler.
  • Things in your day go to plan.
  • You are in control of your day and everything you expect happens.
  • Joyful surprises show up in your life.
  • Life is exciting.
  • Your health is very good.
  • You have energy.

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