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Marketing. The 3 Realities of Marketing

As authors we all love to create. We love to write our stories. We work on building the perfect version of our ideas and visions.

We picture the story unfolding and the experience of the reader as they turn each page discovering the next revelation. We write and rewrite, read and develop, and sometimes we scrap the whole thing and start again.

Invincible Successful people adjusted marketing

No matter what the genre is that we are writing, no matter how long the process takes, there is one thing we all have to do once it is complete. Marketing! But how much time during this process do you give thought to marketing? Do you have a marketing plan as you are writing your book?


I know when we wrote our first book, Your Invincible Power: Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy, we gave zero thought to marketing.

I remember when the book was ready to go to print Brandon the marketing specialist at Balboa Press said, “What is your marketing plan? How will people know about your book?” That is when I discovered the 3 realities of marketing. Continue reading Marketing. The 3 Realities of Marketing

Getting an iPhone for Free?

Getting an iPhone for free?iphone-410324_640

My daughter wanted an iPhone. She had an iPod for the last few years and it had seen better days. She wanted an iPhone for many months. This was something that was definitely on her mind and in her thoughts. The hurdle was, she doesn’t have money for an iPhone.

Opportunity knocks

Not long ago I dropped my iPhone and the screen shattered as they so easily do. It was unusable.  This is where opportunity presented itself. She asked me if she could have the old broken phone. Her plan was to bring the phone to the mall and find out how much it would cost to replace the screen. I gave her the iPhone and the quest began. Continue reading Getting an iPhone for Free?

Updates, Why!?!?!

It seems like every month if not every week there is a new gadget on the market. There are updates to programs for your computer, there are new social media sites and must haves. How can you keep up with technology?

I use to hate the constant updates to the programs I use. It seemed like every time I use my PDF creator they are asking me to download the latest update. My iTunes account continually wants me to update it. It is like they are playing a game with me to see if they can drive me over the edge. They want to drive me crazy and when I break down and up-date the program, all of a sudden I am lost. It doesn’t work the same way as it did before I updated it. WHY? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!?!?!computers updates

Once I calm down and I get it figured out I realize that this new version is better than the last one and everything is good for the next few weeks until they come out with a new update. The question is, how can you keep up with technology? Continue reading Updates, Why!?!?!