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Use advice to increase success

Not all advice is advice. There are 3 things that you should consider when receiving advice. It is easy to mistake something else as advice. Understanding advice and its purpose is necessary if you want to use it to increase your success.  eye-240843_640 -Use Advice to Increase Your Success


  1. What does advice sound like?
  •  It should always encourage you to move in the direction of your goal.
  • It should inspire you to keep going.
  • It should give you another way to accomplish your goal.
  • It should open up another door that you didn’t think about before.
  • It can challenge you to move out of your comfort zone.
  • It should give you reassurance and build your self-belief.
Often the advice we receive is not really advice, it is someone discouraging you from trying to reach your goal. It is usually a story about someone that tried to do what you are trying and failed. If the person that is offering you advice is selling you fear, don’t be a customer. They are not helping you.

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