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The Fear of Something New – Using the Law of Attraction In Your Daily Lives

Fear: Letting go of the fear of something new. 

facing fear, law of attraction,

 Have you ever let fear stop you from doing something that you felt you could do?

Have you ever let the idea of fear paralyze you?


I’m going to share with you my story of the fear of something new.

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Facing the very thing that I was afraid of and why I did this. Why I decided to face something that in my mind was extremely scary.

It is the mindset of fear that created the pictures in my mind of the worst possible outcome imaginable. It is the feeling of imminent danger! This can become an incapacitating fear.

But in facing this fear I was able to really define what my limitations were. It was a freeing experience that allowed me to identify what my possibilities truly are. I was able to replace the feelings of dread with other more useful and powerful feelings.
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Eagles and the Six Leadership Principles They Teach Us

Six Leadership Principles to Learn from an Eagle

  1. Eagles fly Alone and at High Altitudes.They don’t fly with sparrows, ravens, and other small birds.

MEANING; Stay away from narrow-minded people, those that bring you down. Eagle flies with Eagles. Keep good company.

  1. Eagles have an Accurate Vision.They have the ability to focus on something as far as 5km away. No matter the obstacles, the eagle will not move his focus from the prey until he grabs it.

MEANING; Have a vision and remain focused no matter what the obstacles and you will succeed."Eagles and the Six Leadership Principles They Teach Us "

  1. Eagles do not Eat Dead things. They Feed only on Fresh Prey.

MEANING; Do not rely on your past success, keep looking for new frontiers to conquer. Leave your past where it belongs, in the past.

  1. Eagles Love the Storm.When clouds gather, the eagle gets excited, the eagle uses the storms wind to lift itself higher. Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagle uses the raging storm to lift itself above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all the other birds hide in the branches and leaves of the tree.

MEANING; Face your challenges head on knowing that these will make you emerge stronger and better than you were. We can use the storms of life to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid of challenges, rather they relish them and use them profitably.

  1. Eagles Prepare for Training;They remove the feathers and soft grass in the nest so that the young ones get uncomfortable in preparation for flying and eventually flies/ when it becomes unbearable to stay in the nest.

MEANING; Leave your Comfort Zone, there is No Growth there.

  1. When the Eagle Grows Old,His feathers becomes weak and cannot take him as fast and as high as it should. This makes him weak and could make him die. So he retires to a place far away in the mountains. While there, he plucks out the weak feathers on his body and breaks its beaks and claws against the rocks until he is completely bare; a very bloody and painful process. Then he stays in this hiding place until he has grown new feathers, new beaks and claws and then he comes out flying higher than before.

MEANING; We occasionally need to shed off old habit no matter how difficult, things that burden us or add no value to our lives should be let go of.



I absolutely love these principles and I needed to share them with you. Your Friend, Pamela "Eagles and the Six Leadership Principles They Teach Us "

Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

Pamela also wrote a novel, Love, Life and Beyond to further promote the worthiness that we all hold title to. We just have to find our way to take ownership to what is rightfully ours.

Your Friend, Pamela


How to Use Your Guidance System For Your Advancement

Part Four:
How to Use Your Invincible Guidance System To Your Benefit
What is our guidance system?

Our guidance system is a natural part of us that instinctively takes over our thoughts in a positive way. It is the intelligent part that speaks words that we weren’t sure we knew. We see this when deep into an explanation of something we give a precise account of what we want to say. Our "How to Use Your Guidance System For Your Advancement"words are spontaneous and seem to just pop out of our mouths. I’m sure you’ve been there. I have many times. Our guidance is the inner part of us that assists us when we make choices. It always picks out the best case scenario and it is in our best interest to follow this guidance.

There are many ways to find this guidance but the wisest and easiest way to find it is by feeling your way to it. This means when you are facing a choice, especially a tough one, take the time to question any possibilities that could be the answer to the situation. A good way to do this is by asking yourself, “what would I like to see instead of this situation that is presenting itself.” When you do this imagine that new situation. See yourself with the best case scenario.

Be aware of what your feelings offer while you imagine this solution.

Your guidance will give you the sensation of clarity, harmony and alignment when you find the right solution. Your deepest feelings of acceptance to this idea will be the answer you’re looking for. This is your guidance at its best working for your best interest. If you focus on the wrong answer you will feel unsettled, you will question the idea you are contemplating. Nothing about it will feel right.

When questions arise in negative ways your feelings will be of:

  • Doubt
  • Adversity
  • Misfortune
  • Affliction
  • Hurt
  • Harm
  • Ruination
  • Misery
  • Woe

Also, suffering, distress and bereavement among many negative feelings, according to what situation is presented to you at the time. These feelings are telling you that you are not in alignment with the best case scenario that your guidance is offering you. Your guidance will always give you the positive feeling which will tell you to move in another direction.

This guidance is also called our intuition.

We’ve all been aware of this at some stage in our life. It kicks in when there is major danger ahead that fight or flight instinct, where you stay and face the music or run from the oncoming danger. You usually know what to do in such dangerous situations. Regardless, our guidance is with us constantly. When we feel our way to it we always find the best possible pathway to take.

This is what happened to me a short while ago. I had some grocery shopping to do and I also had to go to the post office. The post office is in the same plaza as a Sobeys store. Before I went into the post office I debated within myself whether to go to Sobeys to do my shopping or to go across town and do it at the Walmart center where I could also buy some "How to Use Your Guidance System For Your Advancement"other items that Sobeys didn’t sell. I pondered this while I was waiting in line at the post office and my feelings were strongly to do it at Sobeys. I was already right next to this store and was not in immediate need of the other items. When I came out of the post office, however, I instantly changed my mind against the feelings that was strongly playing within me. I decided to go to Walmart. Even as I drove I had the strong inkling to turn around. I didn’t. When I got to Walmart I did my grocery shopping and loaded the other items into my cart. Suddenly, over the speakers an employee asked everyone to leave their shopping and shopping carts and evacuate the store immediately. The message kept repeating. Police were suddenly everywhere quickly moving us from the store. Apparently there had been a bomb threat. A young man said he was wearing a bomb I learned from the news report later that evening.

I came out of the place ruffled to say the least.

I felt drained from the negative energy this shocking experience had brought with it. I went home heart pounding. I was in no mood to go to another store to shop yet again, that day. I had wasted a couple of hours shopping to no avail because I didn’t listen to my guidance system which had sent me strong feelings not to go.

I was totally appreciative that no one was hurt. Regardless, when there are such strong instincts going on within me, I know never to ignore them again.

Nevertheless, this guidance isn’t there only in the fight or flight scenario it is with us in all of our daily activities, choices and decisions. They only scream at us so loud and clear in cases such as I’ve just mentioned. Usually they are supple and quiet. They get much louder when you ignore them and then they show up in your life in negative situations, things and people.

Take a quiet time to feel for the guidance that is offered to you in any situation you are looking for answers to.

They will show up. Always ask for the best your life can be, expect it and feel your way to it. Your guidance will steer you on the right path, without fail.

This is what Anita Moorjani, Abraham and other teachers call living from the inside out!

“I can’t say this strongly enough, but our feelings about ourselves are actually the most important barometer for determining the condition of our lives!” 
Anita MoorjaniDying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing

We have a book series that will show you many ways to find out how to use your guidance system. Your Invincible Power Series

Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which "How to Use Your Guidance System For Your Advancement"assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

Pamela also wrote a novel, Love, Life and Beyond to further promote the worthiness that we all hold title to. We just have to find our way to take ownership to what is rightfully ours.

Your Friend, Pamela


Up to Date! This is Where We Get UP and Personal About Us

Personal Up to Date True Life Stories

"Up to Date! This is Where We Get Up and Personal About Us"
Me and my husband Clinton in Jamaica

Welcome to our up to date page. This is where we get up and personal about us. By us I mean me, Pamela Hamilton and W.T. Hamilton. W.T is my eldest son. I have three sons. I am married to Clinton Hamilton and we have six grandchildren. We get together very often as a family with my other two sons and their families, also other relatives in our family. I place these times of family association highly valuable in my life. Clinton and I met in Leicester, England and married and had W.T there. We now live in Ontario, Canada. Clinton is originally Jamaican and went to England when a boy so is very English in many ways, lol! My family here are mainly on Clinton’s side of the family. My side stayed in Leicester.

Those of you who visit us frequently know W.T and I have written five books together, and I wrote a fictional book independently.

However, this page is to let you in on what is going on behind the scenes of this website with both me and W.T.

"Up to Date! This is Where We Get Up and Personal About Us"
Me and my son, W.T at one of our book signings

Those of you who follow Abraham-Hicks Daily Quotes must have noticed that they stopped being daily for a few months and I integrated them with the Inspirational Quotes. Well it happened because “something” stopped me from editing those particular pages, and therefore adding more new quotes. I had called our website host ‘Fatcow’ to find out why I couldn’t access this page. Although this host has been effective in their help prior, for some unknown reason they couldn’t get me back into the edit part of the page. Anyway, out of the blue last week I couldn’t get onto the Inspirational quotes either. Imagine how p’d off I was feeling. Not too harmonious I can tell you!! Now however, I don’t have the old reaction that I normally would have and calmly called our host once more. I was on hold at Fatcow for simply ages it would seem, and on top of that the associate couldn’t help and put me on hold again while she passed the call on to someone who knew more about it. I must admit I got fed up and hung up. But while I did this I said to myself I have more power over this. I’ll see it as being done as if they had already fixed it. I left it alone for the remaining part of the day. When I tried it the next morning both pages had become accessible again. This happens to me through different situations many times now, especially if I can get myself into a place of belief and then let it go. It could have been that the message was sent on and the person in the other department fixed it without my involvement. It could have been many things but regardless I believe that sometimes we just have to let go and believe in our own individual power. I wanted to share this with you because I feel that it is all quite fascinating? I give much appreciation when it works out to my advantage.

Latest news: W.T is doing podcast and I believe if you listen to them you will learn how to take charge of your life and be in the power zone that both W.T and I find ourselves in so often.

My son is trying his hardest to get me involved in the youtube videos. I have done a few when we started out and I am never pleased with the results. In fact, two years ago I did one about the ego called ‘Ego and Manifesting’  It took us so long, to make this. W.T kept having to restart it over and over. When I finally finished and he edited it and put it out live I realized just how many times I called our book, ‘How to Tame Your Ego and Fuel Your Imagination’ When it should have been and Fuel Your Ambition!! What happens is I get nervous and all of those wonderful words I want to say drift away. W.T has been very patient but I can tell you I’ve wasted so much time trying to make them and given up. Regardless, I have a great idea which I am working on from the book called, “What’s Your Message,” by Cam Barber. It really is a great book for public speaking. I had followed W.T’s advice and tried ‘Toastmasters’ prior but it really wasn’t for me. The people were absolutely welcoming and very supportive, even so, it opened up another part of my journey, not a good one, and at that time I came to realize that part of me that was unresolved. This is a part of me that was still living in that unworthiness part of my life deep within. I have been able to understand health abundance and overcame rheumatoid arthritis and some other health issues. I understood that health is deep within our belief system and what may be activated through those beliefs whether positive or negative.

"Up to Date! This is Where We Get UP and Personal About Us"
We All Have Personal Stories

Nevertheless, public speaking was not my forte. I came to realize that my journey of public speaking would take me on a visit to my past and see what was within my subconscious that made me so fearful. What was this obstacle I was harboring from past beliefs? I became aware that when I was little we were told to be seen and not heard. This had nothing to do with my home life that was free and full of wonderful experiences. But my dad’s mom, my grandma was a woman who had strong convictions and voiced them often. When we visited us kids were told to sit quietly. We even put our hands up to ask to go to the washroom. Those visits were long and boring. Me and my sisters and brother were extremely excited if grandma told us to go outside and play. This is what we did in front of important people – we kept our mouths shut. That was our belief. Now I understand this I have an open door to change this, and I will. Just as Stephen R. Covey said in ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ “I can tie myself to my limitless potential instead of my limiting past.” So this is what I am working on. I can’t yet tell you when my youtube video will be ready but I am working on it!

I know that I can hide behind this website and blogs and so forth but I am motivated to share with you all what I have learned and learning. “What’s Your Message,” by Cam Barber really works for me. I shall forge forward and get beyond this interruption in my journey.

In the mean-time W.T has been wonderful in providing our message in many amazing videos and now his new podcast which offers ways for you to also open the door to positive change in your life.

I can honestly say that what we are passing forward works, truthfully. Since I started this journey my life has been phenomenal. Its direction changed enormously and it is joyous

So, this page is about what we are working on. What obstacles we come up with and how we can overcome them and it’s about joining up with you which is our mission. In other words, we love your input also. I believe we are one and are all here to share with one another.

"Up to Date! This is Where We Get UP and Personal About Us"
Your Friend, Pamela

Love you all,

Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

Pamela also wrote a novel, Love, Life and Beyond to further promote the worthiness that we all hold title to. We just have to find our way to take ownership to what is rightfully ours.


Episode 2: Loading Your Subconscious – Using the Law of Attraction Podcast

We are proud to present loading your subconscious – Episode #2 Using the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives.

This is a podcast style show giving you insight into the ways to use the law of attraction and addressing the many roadblocks people experience when trying to use the law of attraction in their daily lives.

This episode is all about removing doubt and I share an exercise you can use right way to help you identify doubt and remove it from your subconscious.

You will find these techniques to be very useful and once implemented, will have a great impact on your success in using the law of attraction.

Each episode will help you to move closer to manifesting your dreams and desires as I share both how to navigate the roadblocks as well as ways to build momentum and ways to create inspiration in your journey.

Make sure you subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss out on any of these great tools and techniques. This is something new that I have added to my quest to help the world learn how to use the law of attraction.

One of the many reasons for me wanting to share with you these tools and techniques is that I found it very difficult to understand the law of attraction in the way it was being taught. I felt that it was hard for me to process it as I am a skeptic at heart which causes me to really question what is being said and how it is being applied. I felt that the way it was being taught was too spiritual and left me with more skepticism than before. It wasn’t until I stated looking at things from a logical and practical way that I was able to understand it and apply it.

This led me to realize that the way to learn the law of attraction, the little details in how to use it were being left unexplained. It was like you should naturally know how to start thinking positive or how to use affirmations but many don’t know how.

So I knew what I needed to do. I needed to start teaching this as a part of the books or as an enhancement of the books we wrote. To help the reader go deeper into it and really see what you can do with it once you understand why the hurdles exist. What the purpose of the hurdles are.

This is what I start to explain in this episode.

I also mention group training in this video. If you are interested send me an email at success@yourinvinciblepower.com subject line group training.

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of our book Pick up a copy of our book, Your Invincible Power

See other episodes here

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Using The Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives – Podcast Show

Using the Law of Attraction In Your Daily Lives

Using the law of attraction in your daily lives. Episode one.

This is the first installment of my Podcast style show. I was given the idea the way most of my ideas come to me, when I was thinking about something else. It is when the mind is at ease that the best ideas or solutions comes to you, but wait, that’s another episode.

In this episode we are looking at using the law of attraction in our daily lives from the very beginning of using the law of attraction. We are talking about the first things you have to master to allow the law of attraction to start working for you. In truth, we are looking at the first roadblocks that people face when trying to use the law of attraction in their daily lives.

There are many roadblocks in the law of attraction.

It is a simple concept but it is not easy at all. It takes some determination and a great deal of understanding to make it work for you. This is one of the main objectives of this series. It’s to look at the roadblocks that pop up when trying to use the law of attraction in your daily lives and finding solutions.

They are mainly or should I say exclusively solutions that have worked for me. As I became an expert in using the law of attraction I am also a student of it. There are many things to learn and the more I learn the more I can teach.

ebook, author, book, new release

This series is also based on our book Your Invincible Power. It gives you insight and ways to use the tools & techniques in the book to make your life magical. You can pick up a copy of the book here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XXJ2DBS as well as other online retailers.

My goal is to share with you helpful knowledge and tips to make it easier for you to use the law of attraction in your daily life. I decided to do this in a Podcast format after listening to some podcasts and realizing that some of this information is great as an audio training.

Listening to it while you are doing other things. I think it’s different from watching a video and for some reason it seems like I can give you a little more info when I do it in a podcast style, I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment and let me know if this was helpful. Also pick up a copy of our book. It’s a great way to help support our channel.



3 Ways to Make Sure an Opportunity is Right For You – Law of Attraction

unfair advantage, mindset for success, get motivated, opportunity

Life is all about opportunities. It’s all about taking advantage of those opportunities.

Each day a new opportunity presents itself, whether it’s a chance to do something new or meet different people they’re all unique opportunities.


But how do you know you got the right opportunity? How do you know this one is right for you?

3 ways to make sure

There are 3 Ways to Make Sure an Opportunity is Right For You


There are 3 ways to think about it and assess it. It is part of building the mindset for success and it will give you the unfair advantage to help you accelerate your success.

mindset for success, happiness, be inspired

When any occasion presents itself the first thing you need to look at is, How do I feel about this opportunity? Do I feel excited about this opportunity? Do I see this working out for me?


The next thing to do is visualize it.

Visualization, law of attraction

See it play out and really decide if it will help you or hinder your progress.


Next I ask myself, What do I have to do to take advantage of this opportunity? And, Is this something that is going to get me closer to my goal?

Mindset for success, Motivation

Sometimes the new prospect can be a sidetrack in disguise.


There is something very important to know about accepting an opportunity.

I talk about it in the video below. It will boost your understanding of what I’m talking about. It has a potent impact but you must watch the video to get the full benefit of the message.


Watch it Now.


3 ways to make sure an opportunity is right for you is designed to motivate you and inspire you to follow your dreams and understand what makes each event right for you. In the video you will see that there are other ways to take advantage of an opportunity even if it is not right for you.

ebook, author, book, new release

This is based off our book, Your Invincible Power and part of my new video series. I hope you found this useful.

Comment and share and bookmark this website for more tips and techniques in the law of attraction and the mindset for success.


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Success Tips. 3 Ways to Get Inspired And Gain the Unfair Advantage

Success can be a struggle at times. Often we see others doing what we are attempting to do and their results seem to be so much better than ours.


It can feel like nothing we’re doing is working. I use to have that feeling. I use to get discouraged, even jealous when I would see colleagues reach levels higher than me or faster than me.


So how do we avoid creating these types of feelings?

success, empowerment, Law of attraction Inspired

How can we turn this into a positive experience?

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