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The Importance of Our Cells and How they Work on Our Behalf

Our Powerful Cells

Part Three: Please read these other blogs first to get the full picture of how this works successfully.

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Your body has reserve cells. The understanding of these reserve cells is that they repair any part of you that your intention is focused on. They rely on signals from the brain. This is why so many people that are told they only have three months to live practically die on the three month anniversary. This happens because the signal that has been given to these amazingly intelligent stem cells is that they should give up all life in three months and they do.

The fact is, these stem cells have intelligence to run the show and give you perfect health if you trust and believe in them. Did you know that when a person gets sick with a virus an immune cell is called in to create a protective protein antibody against the virus or attacker? In the process, the cell must create a new gene to serve as a blueprint in manufacturing the antibody protein. These new cells are created for back up for the next invasion of this virus. These cells have memory and store it until further use is necessary. Our cells also create sophisticated communities which assign workloads. These intelligent, thinking cells arrange their communities far more adequate and efficient than any systematic well arranged Corporation running today. This is the miracle of what our cells can do for us. Continue reading The Importance of Our Cells and How they Work on Our Behalf