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Where did my hair go?

Hair loss, it’s for other people, not for me right?

I’ve always had an impressive head of hair. Whether it was dreadlocks, afro, or cut short, no matter what I did my hair would always grow back. Last year I grew a fro and I was planning to grow dreads again. But I started to notice that my hair was getting thinner. By the beginning of summer I could see a bald patch at the top of my head. This was not good. How can I grow a fro or dreads with a bald spot?Afro

By the end of the summer I could see that my hair was getting thin on top as well. I realized that my days of the fro where probably over. It was time to start wearing hats.

Now I know that hair loss can be directly related to stress.

It is one of the symptoms of stress. I also know that it can be caused by a lack of protein. These are factors that one must be aware of. But I do not believe I have much stress in my life. I live as many days as I can in the old Jamaican philosophy of “no problem man, everyting cool!” It is one of the ways I deal with stress. Continue reading Where did my hair go?