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Fitness. 5 Essential Things Every Successful Fitness Plan Needs

In the quest for success many sacrifice their fitness goals.

I hear people say they don’t have time or they are too tired. But without health how much will you really be able to enjoy success? There are 3 key factors to a well rounded life. Wealth, Health and Joy.(That’s strange, that was part of the title of our first book! )

Fitness crossfit-534615_640-exercise


This is because your health is very important to living the life that you deserve. So it is important to have fitness goals.

I go to the gym 3 – 4 times a week. I do this for a few different reasons but mainly because I want to enjoy as much of my life as possible. One of the things getting into shape and having fitness goals does is build up your self confidence. It actually makes becoming successful easier. You build up an attitude that you can overcome the challenges if you work on them. And you can see the results in a short amount of time too.

So how do we set up successful fitness goals? Continue reading Fitness. 5 Essential Things Every Successful Fitness Plan Needs

I Like to Lift Heavy Things

I like to lift heavy things. There is nothing like a good workout to make you feel energized and full of life. Every time I go to the gym I am glad that I went. Getting there is another story. Sometimes I have to find excuses to go. It makes no sense because I am all about self-empowerment and what is more empowering that taking control of your body?I like to lift heavy things

So I go to the gym because I like to lift heavy things. I want to take control of my body as I do my mind. I want to build my body in the image of my mind. I want to take control in every aspect of my life. Many people want to take control of their life. They want to set the standards for how their life will look. They want to make the rules for their money and career. They even focus on eating healthier and health in general but they often forget this one need. Your body is as important as your mind. Your body needs to be activated and challenged just as your mind does. Healthy eating is not enough. Exercise once in a while is not enough. You need to push yourself past your comfort zone on a regular basis. Continue reading I Like to Lift Heavy Things

What To Eat?


food "What To Eat"What to eat?

I am often asked by people “I just don’t think my diet is correct what should I eat to lose weight?”

My answer is always the same “more of the things you eat little of and less of what you eat a lot of.”

People know what they should eat and do already. They will recant their entire day’s meals to you gladly if they’ve had a “good day” in terms of their food choices. The problem that people have is not the knowledge in most cases, it’s the application of said knowledge that is the point at hand.

Some problems with eating healthy is that it can be expensive and time consuming where eating poorly is cheap and quick. Just throw that package of premade  pasta in the microwave and in 4 min you have a tasty meal. We have all at some point fallen into this trap, because we are so busy with work and our families. What really needs to be done is for us to prioritize our health in our lives to make things easier to comprehend. Continue reading What To Eat?

Do What You Love. Do you know what you Love?


ab-workouts-for-women "Do What You Love."Do what you love

People always say things like “do what you love” and that is meant to be inspiring but it assumes that you know what you love.

Most people don’t and that is the REAL problem.
This applies to your career ,your fitness, and your life. You must actively seek out your passions to have a chance of finding them.
If you don’t ,then you are relegated to doing what you think you’re supposed to do, and that usually ends up in tears and frustration.
We should all try to  find things that we like and find ways to use these things to improve our lives. Find ways to do what you love.

So how does this pertain to fitness?

I see people that want to get fit running at 5:00 am and wanting to kill themselves because they hate it so much. Why would you do that to yourself? I guess they think that the other runners they see on the street are going through the same experience and it’s a right of passage in order to get in shape.

The truth of the matter is that runners LIKE to run, they look forward to it. No one has to motivate them to run because it’s something they actually enjoy and would do regardless. Guess who is going to be healthier over time, the person who forces themselves to run at 5:00 am or the person who loves to run?

I know quite a few people who have bought workout dvd’s like p90x and raved about the workouts. I did some research found 2 outcomes for the participants.

A- 70% of the people who started the program that I contacted did not finish it.

B- 20% of the people who did finish the program did see results but did not do it again.

So what did that experience accomplish? Not much, only 10% of the people who bought the video actually made some improvement from it.

Stop trying to find a quick fix and look farther ahead. Look at yourself and find out what you enjoy doing that also requires some activity and try doing that.

I have never had to convince a golfer to go golfing ,so if that’s you ,use it to help you get fit. Don’t use a cart and carry your bag. You can even put a little weight in your bag if you like to get a better workout. Do some golf specific exercises  before you go to the course.

I find it so funny that if I tell a golfer to do certain exercises they’ll make a face but when I tell them that they’re golf specific exercises they smile and do them. They’re doing the same exercises but for different reasons and they’ll keep doing them especially when they see improvement in their game. This is a way to do what you love.
Try it yourself and you’ll see that you can get fit and enjoy it no matter who you are! Continue reading Do What You Love. Do you know what you Love?