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Money, and How it Serves Us

Money and negativity  Many people are so busy making money that they haven’t enough time to enjoy it.

Their day is full of time limits from when they get up in the morning until when they fall into bed, exhausted, late at night. They then wonder why they feel so stressed out. They become shackled to what they started out to believe was “the ideal life” their desires then turn into anguish.

money stack "Money, and How it Serves Us"

If money is serving you it’s supposed to represent freedom. If freedom is not what you are experiencing then your money, no matter how much you are making, will not bring to you abundance, security or more importantly, happiness.

So the question is how do we make our money serve us?

We believe in the universal law which tells us we are all worthy. We are all deserving and we are all abundant. In other words, we reach far beyond what we have had access to up until now. Continue reading Money, and How it Serves Us