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One Love: The Bob Marley Philosophy

“One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright.”

I grew up hearing this song. It instantly lifted my spirits. It put a smile on the face of everyone in the room. There is an energy that is built into the song. It contained a simple message. It is Bob Marley’s philosophy. 

One LoveOne love is about love. Love for mankind. It is telling all of us that we all have the same heart.

The same purpose. The same direction. It is telling us that we must treat one another with love. We were all born from love. It is the only thing we know when we are born. We trust those who are there bringing us into the world. This is the knowledge that we are created in.

In the song, One Love, Bob sings, “So shall it be in the beginning, so shall it be in the end”. I know he is singing about meeting the father of creation again but consider this. We begin with love and we end with love. Love is the bond that brings us all together. When we look for reasons to help one another, when we look for things that we have in common. It is because of love.

One Love is also a call to action. “let’s get together to fight this Holy Armageddon.” The only way to do this is together.

It means that we have to shed our labels. We have to shed our differences and become one love, one heart. When we think as one heart we can do no harm to each other. We truly become brothers and sisters. There was a man long ago who spoke of this. He too was spreading the religion of one love.

This journey that I am on is a journey of discovery and meaning. It is about finding ways to reggae-one loveconnect with those around me and bring a positive vibe and view point to them. One love is a message to all mankind. It is a gift from the Universe. But it is not the only one.

Be aware. There are many messages from the Universe all telling you the same thing in different ways. Look for them. Our goal is to live together. Help one another. To experience One Love.
W.T. Hamilton, co-author of the book Your Invincible Power
W.T. Hamilton,
co-author of the Your Invincible Power book series