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Thinking Things into Reality. Is It Far-Fetched?

When I first heard about thinking things into your life I thought it was far-fetched. It was a way-out-there concept to me. It was something of a fantasy that dreamers believe because they are not living in reality.

This was how I looked at it. But, as I started to think about the things that I had accomplished in my life I noticed that everything I had done so far was because I believed that I could. I also believed that it was my right to believe it. It was realistic for me to become a supervisor or to buy a nice house or drive a brand new car.

books "Thinking Things into Reality is Far-Fetched?"

These things were not far-fetched so I allowed myself to focus on them. The more I focused on them the more I drew each one of them to me. I had no doubt that I would and could become a supervisor even when I was working on the shop floor. I could already see myself doing it. Same holds true for buying the house. I never felt it was far-fetched or crazy or unbelievable to own a house.

So curiosity started to take hold. I started to wonder, “what if?” Continue reading Thinking Things into Reality. Is It Far-Fetched?