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The Top 3 Reason Why Most People Fail – Using the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives

The Top 3 Reason Why Most People Fail 


There are 3 reasons why most people fail. If you have ever failed it was probably or most likely or definitely because of one of these top 3 reasons.

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Success is dependent on a few key pillars that will allow you to grow and expand even in the face of defeat. But if you don’t have them then you are in deep Ca-ca!


So let’s look at the Top 3 Reasons Why Most People Fail.


Your Coach is Crazy!

This happens too many times. You have a great idea and you’re really excited about it so you decide to do it. You do it because your motivated. But that’s all you are. That’s all you have. Many times you have talked to a life coach and they motivate you to do it but what happens when the motivation wears off? What happens when you run into a hurdle that’s bigger than your motivation?


Motivation is not enough. Listen to our podcast to learn more. Continue reading The Top 3 Reason Why Most People Fail – Using the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives

Who Do You Blame For Your Failures?

img_4259-close-upBlame, it always goes somewhere.

When anything goes wrong the first thing most people want to do is assign blame. It is a natural instinct, but it is like a knee jerk reaction most of the time and seldom proves to be the reason for failure.

It is so easy to blame someone else or something else for the failure. It takes the responsibility away from the real reason that the failure was experienced.

I often deal with this when I am working with different departments in various companies. Whenever something goes awry the first reaction is to assign blame elsewhere. The other department didn’t provide the right information or someone else didn’t do their job. There was no investigation, no facts were considered, and no thought was put into why this situation developed. Just blame someone else because we always do everything right. Continue reading Who Do You Blame For Your Failures?