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The Internet: Can you go a Week without it?

The internet is the life line for some of us. I am on the internet constantly. I am checking our website to see how it is performing.

I am tracking our social media sites. I am communicating through e-mail and texting. I don’t think I could go a day without it.The Internet

So when I talked to Pamela Hamilton (My Mom) the other day and she said that she wouldn’t have access to the internet this week I was blown away. I couldn’t imagine going a week without Google! She is finishing her last week of her winter vacation. She is enjoying the beaches and luxuries of the resort life. I can understand not checking the internet constantly this week but to not have access at all?!?!

We just launched our e-book, How to Say Goodbye to the Drama and just finished the next two. We have been communicating for weeks via the internet.

We also launched our campaign with Elite Book Promotions to build up our YouTube Channel and it is really starting to perform too. All of this is exciting and we always celebrate each milestone. So when she told me that she would be off-line for the rest of the week I thought, “Wow, that’s crazy”. Continue reading The Internet: Can you go a Week without it?

How to Remove the Drama – eBook series


How to Remove the Drama is our new eBook available now.

We have designed this new eBook series to help you learn how to use the Law of Attraction in all aspects of your life. Each book looks at a topic and gives you tools and techniques to help you become a champion of each situation. Say goodbye to the Drama ebook cover facebook 3

In our book How to say Goodbye to the Drama, we guide you through personal situations that we faced and the techniques we used to reach success in dealing with the drama in our lives.

How to Remove the Drama will let you gain a better understanding of the ways that drama enters your life. It will give you options and insight allowing you to better deal with situations that pop up in your life.

Continue reading How to Remove the Drama – eBook series