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What Adventures Live in the Depths of Memory?

And they traveled down…It was just as it had been. Nothing had changed. It was as if time had stopped. Time was frozen. It was memory lane.


highway-393492_640 amazing memory laneHe noticed an old friend sitting on a park bench so he strolled over to say Hi. The old friend’s face had aged dramatically. Time had not been so kind to him. The old friend immediately began to reminisce, speaking of adventures and events that took place long ago. It had been years since these stories were lived and yet the old friend spoke of them as if they were as recent as yesterday.


Mentioning every detail, capturing each memory like time was still fresh. As he listened to the old stories and witnessed the joy they brought to the old friend, he began to realize that the old friend was lost in the past. Time for him never really moved forward. As they spoke, he could see the clear picture. The people, the places, the routine had barely evolved since the days of old.  


He thought to himself, how could this be? How could my old friend find himself lost in the past? Why did time forget about him? Where were the new memories?

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Ambition – The Fuel For The Goal

Ambition. It is the fuel that brings dreams into reality. It is the thing that keeps you going against the odds. It is what separates those that succeed from those that fail.

But what makes some people more ambitions than others? What is the key ingredient that some have? What do they understand?


What makes some people more ambitions than others? Belief

  • Some people have a natural ability to believe they can do something. The obstacles do not seem to be that big to them or they do not give it a lot of weight.
  • Some people have this belief because they have a degree of experience in what they are attempting to accomplish. They may have worked in the field or grew up learning about the goal. Exposure is valuable.
  • Some people are very focused on their goal and do not let anything distract them. They understand the hurdles but focus more on the challenge and the solution than they do on the fact that there are hurdles.

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5 Ways to Avoid Dream Crushing Failure

Failure is a part of life. Everyone experiences a degree of it from time to time, but there is failure and then there is dream crushing failure!  This is the one that we need to avoid at all costs.

So here are 5 ways to do just that!

Dream crushing failure
Dream crushing failure

Avoid Dead-lines – Dead-lines are an asset when used properly but can be death to any dream if you don’t know where to place them.

  • Dead-lines mean do or die. Setting a dead-line before you have a good foundation is the best way to achieve dream crushing failure!
  • The marketing and growth plan for the book “Your Invincible Power” was filled with dead-lines and urgency without the foundation.
  • We switched the plan to benchmarks and let the benchmarks trigger the dead-line and have achieved amazing results since.
  • The key was to learn to stop running, walking is fast enough.

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Even Your Biggest Heroes Had Belief

Even your biggest heroes were unknown before they started.bob-marley-151687_640 biggest heroes

Everyone starts somewhere. It doesn’t matter where you start. Some people start with better opportunities than others. Some people start with less but the fact is all the people that you have heard of are people who started. They started as unknowns and they built their success from that. This is how they became our heroes.

When you develop self-belief you are able to dream. These dreams turn into events and opportunities to make those dreams real. This vision is born in the mind and developed in the mind first before it can appear in the world. Think about your biggest heroes and think about what they had to overcome to achieve the status that they did. Think about how they were able to do this. This is a key part of becoming self-empowered. This is a key part in living the dream. Learning to focus on having something that seems far, far away is the key. Developing this is not an easy task, but then, what in life is? Continue reading Even Your Biggest Heroes Had Belief