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Dream, Dream, What Does it Mean?

He woke up suddenly. There was a strange feeling, deep in his belly. It was the feeling of purpose, of urgency, of inspiration.

He felt that he needed to act right now but it was 4:11 a.m. What could he do at 4 in the morning? But he needed to do something so he got up and he went downstairs.


DreamHe had been dreaming. His dream was a vivid one. It was a dream that played like a movie. He was the main character in the dream. He was the star of the movie. He was the one who was living this dream. It seemed so real. He could see all the details of the events. Everything was unfolding in the way that dreams do. It was the kind of dream that leaves you wondering if it really happened or was it just a dream? Continue reading Dream, Dream, What Does it Mean?

Your Plan – You are the Key

You are the most important piece of your plan.

There is nothing as important to your plan as you. You are the key piece to your chance to succeed because at the end of every plan is the desire to succeed. "Your Plan - You are the Key"If you don’t have a deep desire to achieve your goal, you will fail, no matter how much money you throw at it or what opportunities you come across. On the flip side, if you do not have a lot of resources but you have the deep desire there is nothing that can stop you. You are invincible. You are powerful. You are the most important piece of your plan.

What this means is that you are in control of your future. You are the author of your story. All you have to do is take this power and focus on the end result. Learn how to use this power to make your journey become as you have envisioned it. It means that you don’t have to worry about the how. You don’t have to have everything figured out. You just need to believe in yourself. Trust that you will do what is best for you. Know that no matter what you will never give up on yourself. Continue reading Your Plan – You are the Key