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Are You Prepared for the Storm?

storm-426787_640 - Are You Prepared for the Storm

Long before it came, they started to prepare for the storm. At the time there was no sign of a storm. No reason to think about a storm but still they prepared.

They thought about this storm and made plans for its arrival. With every joy that came their way, in the back of their minds was the storm. They were dedicated to the belief that no good things can last forever.

As they prepared and made sure they could manage the storm they noticed their neighbor didn’t seemed the least bit concerned with storms. They watched as the neighbor would go on trips, buy nice things, enjoy the everyday gifts that were sent the neighbors way with apparently no thought to the storm. It didn’t make sense. How could the neighbor live on the same street, with the same type of income, working in the same kind of job,  and not worry about the storm. Continue reading Are You Prepared for the Storm?