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How to Remove the Drama – eBook series


How to Remove the Drama is our new eBook available now.

We have designed this new eBook series to help you learn how to use the Law of Attraction in all aspects of your life. Each book looks at a topic and gives you tools and techniques to help you become a champion of each situation. Say goodbye to the Drama ebook cover facebook 3

In our book How to say Goodbye to the Drama, we guide you through personal situations that we faced and the techniques we used to reach success in dealing with the drama in our lives.

How to Remove the Drama will let you gain a better understanding of the ways that drama enters your life. It will give you options and insight allowing you to better deal with situations that pop up in your life.

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There are some people that become really hurt about circumstances that they find themselves in. They blame someone else for where they have arrived.

The more thought they give to what happened to them, the more hurt they undergo themselves. These people often carry on in revenge wanting to hurt that person who hurt them. The problem img092 Vengeancewith this is the deep hurt that they experience only becomes more intense when they add vengeance to it. The “sweet revenge” they seek can only connect to more of the same, in other words, that person will reap the pain they dish out. This is a loving universe. Revenge is out of harmony with the universe. Continue reading Vengeance!

Are You Prepared for the Storm?

storm-426787_640 - Are You Prepared for the Storm

Long before it came, they started to prepare for the storm. At the time there was no sign of a storm. No reason to think about a storm but still they prepared.

They thought about this storm and made plans for its arrival. With every joy that came their way, in the back of their minds was the storm. They were dedicated to the belief that no good things can last forever.

As they prepared and made sure they could manage the storm they noticed their neighbor didn’t seemed the least bit concerned with storms. They watched as the neighbor would go on trips, buy nice things, enjoy the everyday gifts that were sent the neighbors way with apparently no thought to the storm. It didn’t make sense. How could the neighbor live on the same street, with the same type of income, working in the same kind of job,  and not worry about the storm. Continue reading Are You Prepared for the Storm?