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Genius, We All Have This Power Within Us!

The Genius in You

Human history is the record of man’s struggle to understand the power that exists in all of us. Genius isn’t a personality trait as we have been directed to believe and it isn’t something that certain people have but the majority doesn’t. Everyone has it.

Right now many will say this is bull but I will show you how you have often received this power but maybe have only acknowledged it for a split second. This happens when you have been in a conversation with someone and something you might be explaining comes out of your mouth, quite brilliantly, that even you didn’t expect, and the other person has been quite captivated by your words. This happened without the practiced thought that img065, Genius, We All Have this Power Within Us!you usually put behind your words. It’s when we realize that it came out of nowhere that we should accept that our genius is within us. Sometimes you, yourself learned something from what you said and knew it didn’t come from your usual practiced skill or thoughts. Every human on this earth has this ability. Often this genius part of you comes in ideas. You have posed a question of something a desire that you have wanted to produce or accomplish, maybe you have been pondering this idea for a time and suddenly the answer is their.

Great musicians throughout history have stated that they didn’t plan their music, but simply wrote what they heard within their own minds.

This happens to writers constantly. The words they had originally decided to write often changed while writing them. All people who create find this universal power that is constantly assisting them with larger, and magnificent ideas. They may not understand this at the time but it happens regardless.

This doesn’t happen by chance it happens because you have activated a power from within you. This power is connected to your genius side which is when the left side of your brain and the right side have united.

The left side of your brain deals with:

  • Numbers
  • Reasoning skills
  • Math skills
  • Language
  • Logic
  • 2D

The right side deals with:

  • Emotions
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Feelings
  • 3D

We often run off of one side more than the other. To unite the two sides is when the genius side of us is stimulated and this is done through the power of belief. Genius means to think outside the norm. In other words when an idea comes to you that may seem impossible to achieve realize that it’s when these two parts of our brain unite together to make something impossible become possible. It is organic chemistry. It is within us all.

This is why an high IQ doesn’t make certain people geniuses and everyone else not. The IQ is man made. Genius is there for all to access.

We have access to this entity when we become conscious of it. This is a universal quality. This part of you lives beyond the normal framework you have become accustomed to. We all have the ability to think outside the box but it isn’t what we usually subscribe to. The reason we don’t subscribe to this belief, and therefore empower ourselves with this idea is because we have been told the genius mind is linked to a high IQ consequently only a minute few have the chance to become a genius. This couldn’t be more wrong. There are so many talented people showing up now more than ever in history because of the broad reach of ideas and possibilities that technology gives to us. And technology was only introduced to us because we are ready for it.

A hundred years ago we were not ready. People would scorn at anything that was different. My own father was laughed at ( in the 1950’s) when he said that man would land on the moon. It wasn’t believable then. The universal mind only gives to us all what it knows we can handle. When we begin to believe the genius side of what we are capable of, is when Genius, We All Have This Power Within Us!we begin to really see those revelations show up and inspirational ideas become our norm.

So the next time you say something brilliant which sounds inspiring, or think of an inventive or a resourceful idea know that the universe is activating the genius within you and acknowledge it with gratitude.

Acknowledgement and giving Thanks really do seal the deal. So do what you like, without fear, and if you do it to the very best of your ability you can then expect to be that genius you were born to be.

Your Friend, Pamela

"Genius, We All Have This Power Within Us!"

Author Bio

Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

Pamela also wrote a novel, Love, Life and Beyond to further promote the worthiness that we all hold title to. We just have to find our way to take ownership to what is rightfully ours.

Your Friend, Pamela






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Mindfulness in daily life

Mindfulness in daily life.

 Mind-ful-ness..what does it mean exactly? Aren’t we all mindful individuals with normal brain functions? My challenge to you is to think about the way you use your mind every day and how much of your thinking is automatic. Then, answer the question “what is my mind “full” of ?”  eye-240843_640 the secret to getting different results "Mindfulness in Daily Life"

Repeated thoughts, projections, judgments, fears,  people’s agendas, plans, emails, car oil changes, next episode of “Supernatural” or whether your home insurance would cover roof repair… Some of the brain programs run spontaneously while others need technical support to function. For example, you get up every morning, brush your teeth, and make a cup of coffee. How many special thoughts have you put into this daily routine? Not many, because these activities have already been programmed, and they are highly predictable. If you get pulled over by a police, and now are facing charges for speeding, your mind must create a new plan to deal with this situation. Call your lawyer for starters…

In any case your brain runs tens or even hundreds of thought programs, while you keep downloading new ones, every single day.  I’m sure you have experienced driving a car long distance and you haven’t remembered how you got to your destination.  You were occupied by your mind processing action of thoughts in your head, and have not been paying any attention to the process of driving. In these moments we are being controlled by our mind unless we introduce consciousness into it.

 As ER nurse, I have learned that lack of consciousness often means lack of life. I have witnessed patients sinking into permanent unconsciousness after a traumatic incident. These patients may still have a heart beat, normal breathing, and circulation but no underlying brain activity.  I always wondered what good were bodily functions without the working and thinking mind? The body resembles a machine that was created to embrace the individual and universal consciousness. Life has no sense or meaning without consciousness.  The opposite is also true: the more conscious we become, the fuller and richer our lives get.

Lets go back to mind-ful-ness. It means mind-full-of consciousness. Are you aware of your feelings, thoughts, and sensations in this moment? If yes, then you are mindful. The goal is to live mindfully as  often as you can throughout the day doing simple things, such as enjoying a meal without distraction of emails or facebook.  Notice the flavor and color of the food. Spend several minutes each time to sit in silence and just focus on your breathing.  Every time you wash your hands, try to feel amazing sensation of the running water on your skin.  Little awareness actions, small things will eventually become life-long habits.  You will never miss a day without enjoying its beauty and uniqueness because you brought consciousnes into its each moment.

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BSN, MSN, Intuitive consultant and Spiritual Medium