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Being Connected to Who We Really Are

Yesterday morning I couldn’t get connected to the Inspirational Daily Quotes page, and I still can’t. And so I became flustered, upset after many attempts of trying.

Being connected to that page just wasn’t happening! As most of us do, I felt defeated. I was angry with WordPress or Fat Cow or whoever I could think of, in that moment of fear, that I could blame.IMG_3712 connected

I finally gave in and started to re-read Anita Moorjani, Dying to Be Me, Amazon” Anita Moorjani’s book Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing. I love this book because I can so relate to it and it does bring me back to connect with me. She speaks so eloquently of her journey, which is a message to us all. It isn’t just about her recovery from cancer but about our being connected with our true self.

So while I was reading it I was suddenly confronted once again (I say this because it happens frequently to us all) that I was losing my way to a lucid power that is weak and comes from the world without.

In other words, we own the greatest power from within. I’m talking about that part deep within us. We so often disconnect from this part of us when life problems show up no matter how big or small.
I read on! I realized that for me lately, a few problems that have transpired have not happened due to a vindictive Universe, or by life’s unfortunate mishaps it is happening because Life is sending me a message. That message is, “Pamela, you have to ground yourself once again. You aren’t quite connected at this point in time!” It isn’t a mind blowing deal. I understand that we all lose our way a little and have to find our way back on that positive path.

Life is always showing us our way back! Showing us how to stay connected. If we move through these life lessons in a drowsy state, not seeing the signs, then the small whisper in your ear changes from a murmur until the loudness of it is screaming at you. You will know when this happens because those negative situations happen more often until your life may feel that it is falling apart.

My life hasn’t developed to the shout part yet! I will nip it in the bud by being connected to who I really am, which is ultimately who we all are.

This means to listen to that voice of reason without bringing the fears of what Could happen. When we’re in the moment of a problem we often fear all the repercussions of the possibilities that could occur from that problem. We don’t see the benefits of a solution because we are focused on the problem. In other words, we attract more of that problem. We have to step back and see the solution. Sometimes being connected means to step back, let fear go and a solution will find its way to you.
And so I’m stepping back! Here is the Inspirational Quote for today:

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.”
W. Clement Stone

* * *

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