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What to do when Conflict Arrives on Our Doorstep

Where does Conflict come from and why do we need it?

We all have those situations that bring conflict in our life. Some are just an uncomfortable circumstance, whereas others become very difficult to deal with, which may make moving on feel exhausting, sometimes painful and often burdensome. Those times make us feel powerless and we then turn to what is known in Universal Laws as our external environment. Our external environment doesn’t have the power that we need to move on from where we find ourselves, and yet it is the external world that most people turn to by default when conflicts arrive.

I found myself in such a place, a conflict had arrived! This website appeared to be frozen, and I found myself anxiously turning, and blaming outside circumstances that I assumed were in play. I didn’t stop to connect with the cause, I just saw the effect and ranIMG_3620 "What to do when Conflict Arrives on Our Doorstep" with it. Therefore, everything seemed to get worse, as they do. We suddenly couldn’t activate our posts and pages! I panicked and made it worse by deleting my Inspirational Daily Quotes page believing that I could just start a fresh page and it would be okay!! That idea was soon to backfire in the worse way. In other words, everything started to fall to pieces so to speak the conflicts that arrived got much worse. Continue reading What to do when Conflict Arrives on Our Doorstep