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Labels, Why Do We Love Them So Much?

Labels. We use them to identify everything. We use them to quickly categorize people, places and things.

It is how we form opinions on things that we know nothing about. Instead of researching something or learning more about it, we look at what label it fits into. We all do it, I do it, but why do we do it?


LabelsLabels let’s us find like minded people who will support our point of view, our agenda or our desires. Labels also help to protect us from things we don’t want to deal with in our lives. It has been called “The first impression.” As soon as you see someone, subconsciously, you are assigning a label to that person. In your mind you have already decided how you feel about the person or how you plan to interact with that person. Continue reading Labels, Why Do We Love Them So Much?

The Joy of Christmas

Joy and Happiness are Everywhere

In the last article I talked about the stress of Christmas, now let’s talk about the joy of this season. Many people get together with friends and family, some they haven’t seen much over the previous 11 months. But the magic of Christmas has a way of pulling those heart strings to compel us to use our precious time and organize the expected get-together.

“Christmas is the day that holds all time together.” Alexander Smith.
  • Christmas really is a time of giving gratitude and joy. Not just for the gifts that are img072 "The Joy of Christmas"given but for our connections to all well-being that comes our way.
  • It’s a time for praise for the year previous with all of its ups and downs. All of those moments were sacred even if they felt harsh and were unwanted at that time. They’re all moments to show us the contrast of life.
  • We need contrast to appreciate what we have.
  • Identify those unkind moments, consider life showing you where you don’t want to be and then strive for the joy of where you would rather be.
“Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles.” Edwin Louis Cole

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Christmas and Stress!!

When we place these two strong words together we feel the pressure of what is involved to make a perfect Christmas. We may feel an intense awareness around the subject of Christmas, and although we want to give we do not want the days leading up to it full of strained effort.

Christmas to me use to be very stressful due to the money I would have to spend combined with the crowded shops. I always finished up totally exhausted by the time Christmas day "Christmas and Stress!!"arrived. And then I learned how to get around all of this without any tension in the mix.

So, how do I avoid becoming stressed through this festive season?

Before we go out to do our Christmas shopping it is to our benefit to place some focused energy into each shopping trip.

  • We start by utilizing the energy that surrounds our thoughts around giving.
  • When I went out this year to begin my shopping I focused on the shopping trip being really smooth before I left the house. I placed thoughts of easy shopping without tension.
  • I put energy into finding gifts that are wanted by whoever I was buying for.
  • I placed energy vibration around how I wanted the day to go, and what I wanted to experience.
  • I visualized each shopping trip the same way, being full of wonderful experiences.
  • I visualized the shops I visited not unreasonably crowded.
  • I focused on finding bargains that pleased me.

Money can be an extreme worry over Christmas and really adds to stress.

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