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Parenting – A Distinct Way

Parenting is often difficult. People may say, “I really wished that my child would listen. He’s forever getting himself in trouble; at school, at home…” They then go into details of how hard parenting is.

They point out the many ways their child does, what they believe, is awful things. Regardless, there is an easy answer to this if you believe in yourself and your parenting. Instead of thinking negative of all the ways this child can get into unwanted things and behaviors think of all the good things you would like to see in this child.Parenting-A Distinct Way

You may ask – What Difference Would This Make?
  • It can make all the difference in the world. Because when we give positive energy to anything–it encircles that positive energy around that person and back to us.
  • When you are only giving out negative energy that person is kept in that negative energy field and we along with it. Our parenting is affected.
  • When someone is close to you, in this case your daughter or son, it is even more powerful to give positive thoughts to a situation.
  • Your parenting effects your child enormously.

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