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Staying Focused: Why is it So Hard to Do?

Why is it so challenging staying focused on a goal until it is achieved? Why is it so easy to switch from one thing to another? What does staying focused really mean?


There some great words to say when you’re at the beginning of the journey and you’re trying something new. You’re always excited about it. But what happens after you go 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, doing the same things and you still haven’t got to that level that you want to be at? What do you do? Continue reading Staying Focused: Why is it So Hard to Do?

What are You Focused On?

What are you focused on?

One of the challenges in learning to use focused thought is to stay focused on a goal until it is fully achieved. It is so easy to change your focus to something related to your first goal and feel that it is time to move on to that when you haven’t yet finished your first goal. What often happens is that you move too fast and then the second part of the goal fails.

person-110303_640 free focus "What are You Focused On?"Once that happens it is hard to go back to the first unfinished goal. Focused thought is something that you have to allow to develop. Sometimes it takes more time to achieve certain goals. A great technique to use to help you stay on track is to have mini goals inside your goal that you can draw to you. This will help to fuel your ambition and belief while you draw the bigger goal to you. Continue reading What are You Focused On?