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Celebrate the New Year

Celebrate Life!

As I move into a new year I want to celebrate every good circumstance that passed my way through 2015—and let it go. I have to remind myself that the new year approaching is a new year to celebrate and let the negative situations of the past dissolve along with the previous year. We are movers forever building upon the old and moving into the new. I understand that this means not to dwell on those unwanted condition, plights and predicaments that I had found myself drawn into over the year of 2015. I also remind myself to dwell on those thoughts that animate and invigorate me in this wonderful journey of life, and not to tarry with those unforgiving thoughts of negativity which the ego often presents.

I will celebrate what life has yet to offer.

I will celebrate life lessons that come in an array of different circumstances. I shall remind myself that the negative is only me discriminating between the joy that is rightfully mine and the choice against living in that joy. Continue reading Celebrate the New Year

Celebrate The Little Steps

Celebrate the little steps along the way is an easy way to stay focused on achieving your goals. I use this technique all the time.

I find it makes a big difference in allowing me to be patient with the pace of the journey.One of the secrets of the universe is that everything you achieve comes from effort. The amount of effort you put in is the amount of fruit you get back. As we said before the Universe mirror’s back to you what you think about and focus on.


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So, how do I use this technique? Continue reading Celebrate The Little Steps

I want it instantly!

We live in a world where everything needs to happen instantly. We want to learn as fast as we can. We want our training to be quick and easy. We expect to find the answer at the click of a button. work-366658__180

We live in an instant world. If we have to wait in line at a store for more than a couple of minutes we get irritated or angry. We have about 180 seconds of tolerance, that’s it!

In this instant world it is hard to succeed at anything.

It is hard to achieve big goals because we are not use to waiting for anything. We want everything instantly. Even our morning coffee can be set on timer so we do not have to wait. To be able to learn how to use focused thought you first have to change your life from instantly to persistently.

Persistently is the course you need to set. When you change your expectancy from instantly to persistently you will gain an advantage that many do not have. That is the advantage of time. Time works against those who live instantly. Things have no time to develop. Opportunities are never seen because when something doesn’t happen instantly the person moves on to the next thing on their list. They may even go to the next goal and deem the current goal as a failure. Continue reading I want it instantly!