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Free Preview of our Drama Book – Read it Now

Free Preview:Let’s not ask what life brings to us but what do we bring to life?

Unfortunately drama has been paramount in many people’s lives and so it repeats itself often. The question is how much do we play into it? How are we sowing the next seed of another dramatic incident in our lives? (free preview)

Workplace dramaI have come to understand that it isn’t bad luck that some people seem to be stuck in dramatic situations (in which they can’t seem to shake themselves out of.) In fact it isn’t anything to do with being unlucky at all. Drama is a point of concentration that gathers thought upon thought and builds upon the worse scenario of that thought until it actually flows into a person’s life. Continue reading Free Preview of our Drama Book – Read it Now

What Would You Like To Manifest?

What would you like to manifest today?

What experiences would you like to have?

What is it that you wish to achieve?

What is it that you want to feel?fractal-18771_640 what manifest

These are the questions you need to look at to really bring the things that you want into your life.

But did you know, all you need is your what?

This is where you start. Don’t get lost in the how. The how will find you only after you decide on the what. What do you want to manifest?

The WHAT is the need

Continue reading What Would You Like To Manifest?

The Journey


Available on Amazon and other on-line retailers
Available on Amazon and other on-line retailers

Most of us are so busy with our jobs, our families, our homes, our businesses among a thousand of other tasks we take on that we don’t consider ourselves as being a priority.

If we don’t take the time for ourselves we don’t see our own value, and if we don’t see our own value we don’t believe we are worthy, therefore, we let life pass us by without reaching for the things we so desire.

This website is about self empowerment and an exciting journey. I took this journey myself around two years ago and phenomenal events have taken place ever since, in which I write about in my son and my book, “Your Invincible Power.” We wrote this book because the journey we are taking is so exciting and we wanted to share this new way of thinking with you, which will change your life also.

street-368719_640 journeySo we ask you to join our journey and hold on tight because it is a journey that will ultimately take your breath away as it did us.

See you there.

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Find out how this journey started.

Learn about Your Invincible Power.

Read about the guy that inspired us to learn the Law of attraction.

What is the Master Key System?

The Book ‘Your Invincible Power’ is published with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. The Law of Attraction works in our lives all of the time and has been written about in many books, giving us various views on the way we interpret this subject. Pamela Hamilton and W.T. Hamilton, who are mother and son, clearly write with different views. W.T offers his ideas with a light humor attached to his life experiences and offers you inside depth to help you succeed in business as well as your personal goals. Pamela writes with more exploratory details and uses particular points from the inside info she has examined and learned along the way.

How different would your life be at this moment if you had complete power over it? What would you change in your life? What if you had all the money you needed – what would you do with it? What is you had wonderful relationships that are honest and loving toward you? How would you feel? What would your life be like if you had an abundance of health? What if you were told that you have complete control over all parts of your life? Wouldn’t it be worth your while to look into it? 

Your Friends,

Pamela and W.T Hamilton