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The Magic Kingdom

The magic kingdom. Every day the young one would wake up in the magic kingdom. The young one would go to the kitchen and open the fridge. There were always things to eat.

The fridge was always stocked, even when the milk was almost gone or the bread was almost finished, the next day the young one would go to the fridge and the fridge would be replenished.Magic Kindom

The magic kingdom was a wonderful and amazing place although the young one didn’t know it. For the young one, this was just the way life was. Whatever the young one wanted it would magically be there the next day. If the young one wanted to use the internet, it was there ready to use. If the young one wanted to have a shower, the soap and the shampoo were there, ready to use. The young one never had to think about having clean clothes because in the magic kingdom there was always clean clothes.

One day the King summoned the young one.

“Let’s take a walk” He said.

As they walked he asked the young one Continue reading The Magic Kingdom