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Message in a Bottle: In Time it will all Make Sense

Sometimes the Universe sends you a message in a bottle. It just floats into your life but you don’t know what it means? You find yourself wondering what you should do? How should you react? Why me, why now?

message in a bottle

If you have ever found a message in a bottle it’s usually a message with a mission or task. You have to help someone or do something. This is the same with the Universe. Only, when the Universe sends you a message in a bottle the task or mission often sucks.


I got one recently. It was in the form of change. The kind of change that I didn’t want or felt I didn’t need. I didn’t want to accept this message in a bottle. I didn’t want to play. But the truth is, I had no choice. Time was going to take me through this change no matter what. So I had to Face it and do like I always tell my kids. Make Lemonade out of Lemons. Continue reading Message in a Bottle: In Time it will all Make Sense

Even Your Biggest Heroes Had Belief

Even your biggest heroes were unknown before they started.bob-marley-151687_640 biggest heroes

Everyone starts somewhere. It doesn’t matter where you start. Some people start with better opportunities than others. Some people start with less but the fact is all the people that you have heard of are people who started. They started as unknowns and they built their success from that. This is how they became our heroes.

When you develop self-belief you are able to dream. These dreams turn into events and opportunities to make those dreams real. This vision is born in the mind and developed in the mind first before it can appear in the world. Think about your biggest heroes and think about what they had to overcome to achieve the status that they did. Think about how they were able to do this. This is a key part of becoming self-empowered. This is a key part in living the dream. Learning to focus on having something that seems far, far away is the key. Developing this is not an easy task, but then, what in life is? Continue reading Even Your Biggest Heroes Had Belief