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Talent is the smallest percentage of what you need to succeed

Talent. What value do you put on it? Do you see yourself as talented in what you do? How did you gain this talent? Is there something you’re interested in but you lack talent in that area? Is the lack of talent stopping you from pursuing your dreams?


This is a reality that most people experience. First, they put a very high value on talent. It means that they don’t pursue something unless they are either naturally talented at it or they have developed the talent necessary for it. There are two problems with this.


One, when you are naturally talented at something you don’t work hard at it. You don’t spend enough time enhancing it because it is so easy for you. This leads to others being able to do it better than you because they worked harder at it for the lack of natural talent.


Two, when you lack the talent you spend an enormous amount of time learning and developing your skills so that you can have confidence in yourself. The problem is that a lot of people become trapped in the learning and never gain the confidence to actually use and test their new talent.  


If you always think that there is something more to learn you will never begin to do. Doing is the greatest teacher and developer of talent.

The backup quarterback only finds out how good he is when he finally gets to play. Learning while doing is also a greater benefit to you as you can test your skills right away and make adjustments as you go. You quickly find out how much you don’t know once you start.


navAmazonLogoFooter._V169459313_Learn how to live your dream life.

I experienced this as I started writing about the law of attraction. When we published our first book, Your Invincible Power: Open the door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy, I began to realize that there is more to writing a book than just writing a book. What I found out is that a self published author has to also be a self promoter. I had to learn how to sell myself and my product to a market that I never studied and had no experience working in. I was a book publisher and promoter.

Invincible template Heather G review

It was at that time that I realized that talent is the smallest percentage of what you need to succeed. Because I had no choice but to start as I had already published the book, and I had no natural talent in the field of book marketing, I had one other option. Networking.


I knew I could hire people that had the talent that I lack. I also knew that I could learn from them and learn about the process as I went along so that I could do more of it myself later to save money. Because talent is not what you need to succeed, I knew I had what I needed to succeed.


What I had was ambition, a vision, a plan, a desire to achieve, and a process to help me assess what was right for me. This process is the law of attraction. Because of the law of attraction and the deep understanding of self-empowerment I couldn’t be held back by a lack of talent in marketing. I worked with and learned from Brandon at Balboa Press, Alex at Standout Books, Misha at Elite Book Tours and David at Self Growth. I also learned from my Daughter Bree, who runs a YouTube blog channel. I was in the game and ready to play. I was taking action and focusing on results. I was bringing in talent while learning the things I needed to learn.


Pam & W.T. meet our teamCheck out our interview on the Podcast show, Create Your Reality. Hosted by Lynn Crocker

So talent should never be the deciding factor in chasing your dreams. Talent should never be an excuse or a reason why you didn’t pursue your dreams because talent is the smallest percentage of what you need to succeed.


What I know now is that networking, marketing, and self promoting create the most important and most valuable asset needed to really succeed. That is opportunity. So worry less about how talented you are and focus more on how you can create opportunities to succeed.


For more insight and understanding on how you can create and gain from opportunities read our Your Invincible Power book series. Our books are created to help you use the law of attraction in everyday situations to enable you to live your dream life. Once you have a deeper understanding of the concepts and application, you will realize that you have all the talent needed to start pursuing your dream life.


Join us and Open the door to unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy. Your dream life is waiting.


W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company.  We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.


Get a copy of our book, Gifts from the Universe for free. Click the link to find out how.


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5 Ways to Avoid Dream Crushing Failure

Failure is a part of life. Everyone experiences a degree of it from time to time, but there is failure and then there is dream crushing failure!  This is the one that we need to avoid at all costs.

So here are 5 ways to do just that!

Dream crushing failure
Dream crushing failure

Avoid Dead-lines – Dead-lines are an asset when used properly but can be death to any dream if you don’t know where to place them.

  • Dead-lines mean do or die. Setting a dead-line before you have a good foundation is the best way to achieve dream crushing failure!
  • The marketing and growth plan for the book “Your Invincible Power” was filled with dead-lines and urgency without the foundation.
  • We switched the plan to benchmarks and let the benchmarks trigger the dead-line and have achieved amazing results since.
  • The key was to learn to stop running, walking is fast enough.

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W.T interview

In this new interview W.T talks about the book You Invincible Power. He explains that this power is inside you.

W.T talks humorously about working with his Mom in the segment entitled “Way out here” He gives a unique take on this Invincible Power and talks about how famous people such as Jay Z, Oprah and Obama tapped into it to build their success.

In the interview W.T also talks about the experience of self publishing. Your Invincible Power is published by Balbao Press – a division of Hay House. In the interview W.T. talks about the hidden benefits of working with a self publisher. Continue reading W.T interview

Is Your Business Playing for the Super Bowl?

football "Is Your Business Playing for the Super Bowl?"Is your business playing for the Super Bowl?

 I was working for a company that had a very good product, we had a growing customer base and we had a strong sales strategy. Business was going well. A recipe for success right?

As the sales grew the company started to implode. The reason for this really came down to one simple fact. The sales team (Which I was a part of) were playing for a different goal than the plant. The company was not really a company.

Before a company can be successful they have to know what they are striving for. They have to have targets.

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Video Post

Check out our new video.

It was directed and edited by my daughter Bree.

She is a great addition to our team.

Bree is 12 years old and is very creative. She has been making video blogs for her channel on YouTube as well as making video’s for her friends.

We had a lot of fun making this video and learned a thing or two about the process.

Stay tune for more video’s in the up-coming weeks and months.

Thank you for watching and for your continued support.

Your friends,

Pamela & W.T.



The Journey


Available on Amazon and other on-line retailers
Available on Amazon and other on-line retailers

Most of us are so busy with our jobs, our families, our homes, our businesses among a thousand of other tasks we take on that we don’t consider ourselves as being a priority.

If we don’t take the time for ourselves we don’t see our own value, and if we don’t see our own value we don’t believe we are worthy, therefore, we let life pass us by without reaching for the things we so desire.

This website is about self empowerment and an exciting journey. I took this journey myself around two years ago and phenomenal events have taken place ever since, in which I write about in my son and my book, “Your Invincible Power.” We wrote this book because the journey we are taking is so exciting and we wanted to share this new way of thinking with you, which will change your life also.

street-368719_640 journeySo we ask you to join our journey and hold on tight because it is a journey that will ultimately take your breath away as it did us.

See you there.

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Find out how this journey started.

Learn about Your Invincible Power.

Read about the guy that inspired us to learn the Law of attraction.

What is the Master Key System?

The Book ‘Your Invincible Power’ is published with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. The Law of Attraction works in our lives all of the time and has been written about in many books, giving us various views on the way we interpret this subject. Pamela Hamilton and W.T. Hamilton, who are mother and son, clearly write with different views. W.T offers his ideas with a light humor attached to his life experiences and offers you inside depth to help you succeed in business as well as your personal goals. Pamela writes with more exploratory details and uses particular points from the inside info she has examined and learned along the way.

How different would your life be at this moment if you had complete power over it? What would you change in your life? What if you had all the money you needed – what would you do with it? What is you had wonderful relationships that are honest and loving toward you? How would you feel? What would your life be like if you had an abundance of health? What if you were told that you have complete control over all parts of your life? Wouldn’t it be worth your while to look into it? 

Your Friends,

Pamela and W.T Hamilton