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Marketing your self published book. Why it’s so Important?

How to use marketing for your self published book.

We are going to share with you exactly how you can use marketing for your self publishing to give yourself an unfair advantage whether you’re an experienced author or just starting out.


Traditional publishing has made a major turn-around from the time when a self published book was a complete no-no in the eyes of a major publishing house. Now these same publishing houses such as Hay House, Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Random House, and even Harlequin have jumped on board and are using their own self publishing divisions. They realize that people who self publish are saving them big money and a major gamble on whether the book will hit the # 1 New York Times Bestseller list or not, without them having to invest in your book.


So, let’s talk about the real benefits of self publishing compared to publishing with a traditional publisher.Book Marketing tip

Little do people realize that a self published book has a much greater chance of getting a major contract these days than a book that is facing a mountain of query letters and hoping to be randomly picked out of that query pile. But there is a big if in this statement that could possibly be in your way. This can happen for you IF you know how to market your book. Many make the mistake that me and W.T made ourselves, which was to self publish our first book without a marketing plan. When our marketing adviser asked us what we were doing as far as marketing the book we hadn’t a clue. And our book was already out there. We didn’t understand at that time that we had to wear the hat of publisher and momentarily take off the author hat.


We published with Balboa publishing a division of Hay House. Our marketing adviser encouraged us to pay over four thousand dollars to have a book signing booth at the “I Can Do It,” in Toronto. “I Can Do It”  is a great forum for major authors, they give a champion talk then  do book signing and sell a ton of books. We unknowns pay to have a booth and then give our books away for free. Even so, it was lovely being there and we gave away signed copies of all of our books!!


Although it was exciting it didn’t bring any profit, in fact we didn’t even see a return on our investment. We soon learned that many authors had planted major money into their work and haven’t seen any return on their book sales either.


All we had at that time was our website with a few blogs on. We actually went through our career initially working from the rear, so to speak. In other words, we published and then learned all about marketing and the value of social media, networking and running a well visited website, after the fact. The problem with this way of doing things is that we missed out on some major opportunities and the book got rather stale and passed its due date by the time we understood the market.


As you are fully aware writing a book takes a long time and much creative effort to achieve the finished product. Regardless, we learned that there is a due date to a book once released and that is in the first year, in fact that is stretching it somewhat since the best way to market your book should start prior to your book ever entering the market, and then the first three months of your book is imperative in reaching your audience. However, it’s never too late, there is still an open window waiting for your book if you are willing to follow some training in marketing.


Actually, we have a really simple and inexpensive way to get your book in front of an audience of thousands of people very quickly. And that is just one way we are now offering help to you. You just have to remember that a good book is a good book and nothing should stop it if you have some good marketing in place and a will to market it.


We can help because we’ve been there and done that, due to our “unfortunate” beginnings!

But we learned how to get around these stumbling blocks and we now have five self published books, considered by many to be a fascinating exploration into personal development. Four of these books we completely published ourselves from scratch to finish. We have an expert page on self growth.com. If you’re not familiar with Self Growth it has 2 million monthly visitors so we’re honored to have our articles published there. We Definition of successare also expert authors in the Change book 10 among 20 other experts in that book and working with multi millionaire speakers, Jim Lutes and Jim Britt. We have a website with thousands of visitors and thousands of people following us on twitter, Facebook, google plus and LinkedIn. Plus many YouTube video’s which we make ourselves.


And so we went from zero knowledge to publishing our own work, marketing it, getting awesome reviews and press releases, and now helping other authors like you to do the same.


Our goal is to pass all of what made it work for us onto you.


We are fully aware that there are a tremendous amount of people out there offering packages to help self publishers to market their book. Yet, there is also another component that is essential, that usually isn’t offered in a marketing package which we provide, and that is self confidence. We offer this because we have come to understand that self doubt about moving forward is the most defeating way to take the power from not only you but your valuable creation, your book.


Tame ego book egoic mindThe self doubt comes from those messages that you have been listening to since you were a child. Those messages come to you through the egoic mind. That hidden entity we call self talk. This voice will always tell you that you shouldn’t listen to positive messages about yourself or your work. It convinces you that you’re not up to par with all those other authors out there. It often repeats that your creation cannot bring in an income. Unfortunately, it’s a very real voice and it wants you to fail. I suffered from these messages for years and I always managed to self defeat my book along with my moving forward, because I listened to that voice.


Since, I’ve spent four years studying universal psychology and learned how this hidden entity works in our lives in posing doubt at every opportunity. Now, I’d like to be very effective in sharing with you how to let it go. Which means, I’d like to show you some ideas that I get a lot of results from, which will crush any self doubt, so you can make what I call moves that will get you big results. Besides marketing which is very important to you and your career in writing, it is also a must to overshadow that voice that forever offers self doubt.


I understand that for many oI can and I willf you it’s working at this very moment. I understand that it can make a choice much more difficult at times. And I want you to know that we are only here to offer  to you another choice that can really help you take that step forward. A choice that will help you learn how to overcome challenges in marketing your book and learn to overcome any defeating challenges and hurdles along the way.


As a bonus offer, I will coach in those self defeating areas while W.T assists you in the marketing, so you won’t be left to struggle forward with a book and a lot of unanswered questions.


When I understood the egoic mind it was a huge transformation not only in my personal life but also in my career. And now we’re here to offer all what we’ve learned to you personally, in a one on one for a limited time. So you too will have the ability to create your writing career, sell your books and get that awesome offer from a publisher. Or, lets face it if you’re doing that well who needs a traditional publisher! Unless they make that offer that you just can’t resist!

We created this package so that you didn’t have to go down the same road we have and many other authors of spending mega money on packages that just didn’t work. We believe that authors should have a choice to get the marketing training and personal development skills they need without the high prices. This is why we are also including our new book, How to AttractAttract book marketing Thousands to Your Book, when you sign up for our training.


We have been led to you and you to us. This is how universal laws work. We’re here to make a difference in your life. And this is about you getting that book that is uniquely yours out into the world.

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This is your time to take action and unlock limiting beliefs to bring your creation to its greatest success, after all isn’t that why you wrote the book in the first place? And for those of you that are contemplating writing a book this offer is a great way to start. Getting the marketing in place is key to the published finish, that’s if you want your book to go further than the publication of it in your hands alone.


You have a choice now, to either go back to business as usual, and everything will stay the same, or take the leap with us and take your creation, market it the right way and start attracting your ideal readers.


What we want for you is to make a decision to take that next step with us so you can create your own prosperous future. If you want to invest in your book, this is the place to do it.


Thank you for stepping into your own greatness. It’s an honor to share these gifts with you, and we’re excited to have our work support your work so that you can get out there in such a big way.


To start this incredible journey with us go to our shop, or side bar and click on the Book Marketing package  $497.00 and don’t forget the bonus coaching and books. So don’t miss out on these amazing bonus offers.

Author Bio: Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books and training programs to assist you in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.