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Recognition, Belief and Acknowledgement

070If you see your life with complaint, you draw to you things to complain about. If you feel angry, you will entice wrathful situations to you.

When you feel sad you magnetize more sadness in your life. This is life showing to you what your predominant thoughts are.

Are you giving negative energy out or positive? This is how you will know: if negative situations are often being presented to you then you are producing negativity energy. Everything that happens to you has been created through your thoughts.

We really do get back what we have put out into this external world. But this is also good news because we can change these nullifying conditions in our lives by being aware of what thoughts we are taking into our conscious mind and then giving them back out. When we become aware of our thoughts and change them to the high frequency field we then see the positive changes that we would prefer to see. However, we have to be the change we want to see in life.

We have to recognize our own power, when we are in complaint, or anger, or any opposing situation we are not empowered. When we care deeply for ourselves and others then we are in our power. We have to really love ourselves to be in this positive energy field.

How do we know when we are in the positive energy field?

We come to understand this through our feelings. It’s important to know how you feel in each moment because you can change those feelings when you know what is being presented to you from within.

Ask yourself these questions and become familiar with your feelings:


How do I feel today?
Have I anger in my heart.
Do I feel sad?
Do I feel impatient?
Do I feel upset with somebody/thing?

Change those feelings with positive affirmations:


I deserve happiness in my life.
I deserved to be loved and I will give out love.
Well-Being flows through me constantly.
All that I want and need I can have.

Give reverence to the Universe. This is your insurance to happiness, show Gratitude.


I live in a loving Universe.
I give gratitude for all that I have.
I appreciate all the good that comes to my life.
I am grateful for all the relationships that support me in my life.
Today is a wonderful day and I give it the best I have.

Repeat this throughout your day and week, make your intentions good with truth, and see the changes that come to your life!

Your Friend Pamela132