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Don’t Accept, Expect. Create the Life You Desire

Don’t accept, expect. You want change but what are you expecting?What do you expect to change right now? What is the purpose for your now?

Don’t accept, expect.

It means simply accepting that this is your life is equal to saying I am done being ambitious, I have done all I need to do. It is saying this is all I deserve and this is all I am allowed to have.

What if your journey hasn’t yet started? What if you have yet to discover your what?

What you expect out of life is what you will get. If you don’t expect greatness why would the universe bring it into your life? If you allow yourself to be limited then you will only achieve to your limits. You need to expect more from your life than what you have now. You need to believe that you can achieve it and stay focused on it. Don’t accept that this life you have today is the life you are limited to tomorrow. Continue reading Don’t Accept, Expect. Create the Life You Desire