Summer and Exercise: Setting a Routine



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Summer is here and we all want to have fun outside and look good doing it!

Someone asked me yesterday “What is the most important factor in maintaining training consistency in summer?”

I said “What do you think?” to which they responded, “Oh you have to make training fun and exciting.

You have to incorporate other friends and keep it fresh all the time. Never get into a rut or get bored.”

All of these factors are true to be sure but they do not address the most important factor. The factor that will make a person who hates training come to the gym 5 times per week even in the summer, the factor that makes people with back pain hire personal trainers, massage therapists and chiropractors. The reason why we have gyms in the first place-RESULTS!


If a person sees and experiences results, they will always come back no matter what time of year, because they will always want to feel more of the same.

Loving your fitness training can often be your biggest adversary because it forces you to do the things you enjoy and those things typically are the things you need not do.

Do the things you DON’T enjoy and do them first, usually that will give the best results.

For example, most people hate working their legs so they wear baggy pants and neglect the most important muscles in their body while training their upper body to give the appearance of strength when everyone knows that true strength comes from your legs and core. Start training your legs on Monday’s instead of Friday’s and you will notice better results in your physique.

Always compare yourself to your previous self to judge your results. Try not to look at others because they cannot help you in your quest. Only YOU can tell if you’re feeling healthier, more energetic, and pain free. It’s a selfish endeavor but to help others you have to help yourself first.

Find people who can teach you how to achieve the results you seek and no one will ever have to convince you to exercise. Once you feel and see the benefits of great health, there is no going back!!

The key to all of this, is to put oneself in a position that promotes success. With success comes results. With results come joy, validation, and dedication. It’s like the world cup of soccer, it’s easy to get on board and cheer for a team that’s doing well; be that team and believe in yourself!!


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Another point to remember is that other people are trying to do what you are trying to do but they will not be successful. Why?

They don’t have the determination to follow things through when they get tough. Don’t let their weakness affect you or your resolve, stay the course and experience the joy of continued success.

Make this summer be the summer you stick to your routine and get the results you desire.

                                                         Stephen McKenzie BSc, BA, CANFIT PRO
Director of Fitness | Cambridge Club         Attachment-1


Director of Fitness | Cambridge Club

Summer and Exercise: Setting a Routine
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Summer and Exercise: Setting a Routine
Setting a routine to get ready for summer is not always easy. Here are tips to help you get ready for a great summer