Success Tips. Using the Law of Attraction to Create W, H and J

Success tips can make the difference between knowing what to do and understanding how to do it. You can find success tips for a world of subjects.

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Today we are going to look at how to use the law of attraction to create Wealth, Health and Joy.


We specialize in the how when it comes to the law of attraction. It is important to know various ways that you can apply the principles to your journey. The law of attraction can be a very confusing venture otherwise.


There are 3 main success tips that you need to apply if you want to be successful at using this universal law.

We write about these in our book, Your Invincible Power: Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy.


Tip #1 – Know what you want to accomplish.

success tips, mindset, law of attraction

This may sound straightforward but if you are not really clear on what you want to accomplish before you start you will soon find your goals are jumping all over the map. A big part of our book is dedicated to helping you see how to get clear in the goal and understand what holds you back from receiving your ‘what’.

Tips #2 – Focus on the result.

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Once you know what it is that you want to do you need to focus on what the result looks like. See the picture of you achieving it in your mind and focus on it daily. It should play like a movie in your mind. In our book we walk you through techniques that really bring this to life and make it a daily routine.


Tip #3 – Ask yourself the question.

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This is the most important of the success tips. Ask the question,

“What am I willing to do to bring the results to me that I want?’


Your willingness to achieve the result will reflect how much or how close you will get to it.


It is easy to set a goal and to dream about what it will be like to experience it, but are you willing to take action? Are you willing to change something to make room for this new experience that you want?


Check this video out to understand what I’m talking about.

These success tips will help you set the mindset for success.

The law of attraction is all about asking, affirming and receiving. But the receiving comes by way of opportunities. Knowing which opportunities are the ones you asked for to bring about the end result is key in making this law work for you.


This is the reason we wrote the book. It is to help people understand how the law of attraction works and how to make it work not in our life but in your life. That’s why we say Your because it’s Your Invincible Power. The book is written for you.

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Start using these success tips and pick up a copy of our book now so you can start to create Wealth, Health and Joy in your life.


W.T. Hamilton is an expert in the law of attraction and a successful mentor and coach. Co-Author of over 6 motivational books and a best selling author, sharing his knowledge gained from the experiences he had learning how to make the law of attraction work in his life.

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