Are You Prepared for the Storm?

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Long before it came, they started to prepare for the storm. At the time there was no sign of a storm. No reason to think about a storm but still they prepared.

They thought about this storm and made plans for its arrival. With every joy that came their way, in the back of their minds was the storm. They were dedicated to the belief that no good things can last forever.

As they prepared and made sure they could manage the storm they noticed their neighbor didn’t seemed the least bit concerned with storms. They watched as the neighbor would go on trips, buy nice things, enjoy the everyday gifts that were sent the neighbors way with apparently no thought to the storm. It didn’t make sense. How could the neighbor live on the same street, with the same type of income, working in the same kind of job,  and not worry about the storm.

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One day they were outside washing the car and the neighbor stopped by. At first it was the usual conversation, how’s the kids, how’s work, how’s the dog? As the conversation became dull and the neighbor was ready to leave, that’s when they got the courage to ask the question.

The one question that had been burning in their minds for months and months. They asked, “Neighbor, how are you able to do all the things you do?”

The neighbor looked puzzled.

They elaborated.

“I mean, you go places and buy new things all the time. Are you not worried about the storm?”

“The Storm?” asked the neighbor.

“Yes, you know, what if you get laid off? What if the house needs repairs? What if the car breaks down? The storms of life.”

The neighbor smiled and he explained, “I use to worry about the storms of life. I use to think about it all the time and make plans around it but then one day I was talking to my brother. Things always seemed to go great for him. So I asked him why? Why do you seem to have a horseshoe up your butt? And he said, things go good for me because I expect them to. I expect to have enough money. I expect to have good days. And when I do encounter life’s storms, I expect to find what I need to get through it. You see, he gets what he thinks about.”

“Just by thinking? “They asked.

The neighbor said, “By the law of attraction. He who expects storms will get storms. He who doesn’t won’t.”

They laughed, “The law of attraction. That doesn’t really work. That’s fantasy.”

The neighbor said with a smile, “Maybe it is for you. So keep worrying about storms.”

They didn’t know what to say. They didn’t know what to believe. So they asked the neighbor, “So, you can learn how to not worry about things?”

The neighbor replied, “You can learn to worry only about the things that you can control. As you learn to do this, you will see that there is nothing to worry about!”

They said, “Why, are we not in control of anything?”

The neighbor replied, “You don’t need to worry about the things you can control and anything beyond your control is the things that worry can’t change.”

That’s when they knew. They knew that this was something worth looking into. This was something that they needed to investigate. To find out more about it. How it really works. Why it works for some people and not others. Why some people worry about the storm and others don’t.

That was the day they woke up from the storm and decided to change their lives.

The day they began to study the law. The law of attraction. 


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