Staying Focused: Why is it So Hard to Do?

Why is it so challenging staying focused on a goal until it is achieved? Why is it so easy to switch from one thing to another? What does staying focused really mean?


There some great words to say when you’re at the beginning of the journey and you’re trying something new. You’re always excited about it. But what happens after you go 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, doing the same things and you still haven’t got to that level that you want to be at? What do you do?


1 staying focusedThis is the question that we look at and answer in our video. We look at the hurdles and challenges that we face when we start this journey of self-empowerment. It is not as easy as it sounds to start taking charge and responsibility for your life. To focus on a goal until it is achieved. To wait and work to develop your skills. There are techniques and perspectives that need to be learned. There are tools that need to become a part of your journey into this new way of thinking and doing.


In this video W.T. talks about the challenges of staying focused on a goal over a long period of time.

He looks at the expectations that we have and what holds us back from keeping our focus. The goal is a journey whose road has yet to be paved and will only become a road through intent. This is the challenge, to stay focused until it is achieved.
This video is a part of the Your Invincible Power T.V. channel we have on YouTube. We hope that you enjoy it and have a chance to watch other videos in the series. There are more to come over the next few months. Enjoy and we encourage you to develop your inner strength and we hope this assists you in staying focused.    

Learn more about staying focused in our book series.


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Author Bio:W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power CompanyWe have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation. Your Invincible Power Company 402 Huron st, Woodstock ON Canada N4T 7A7