Star of Your Show!

Did you ever consider that you really are the star of your show? Did you ever stop to think about how important you are to you? I know this sounds so ridiculous but it is something worth examining.

  • If you abuse your body it will suffer in some way or another.
  • If you deny its full potential it will feel the pain.
  • When you don’t see your own worth you are bringing unworthy things, people and situations to you.
  • This is how this powerful law works, the Law of Attraction. So be the star of your show.

104 Be the Star of Your Show
Be the Star of Your Show
On page 122 of our book, Your Invincible Power’ I have written: “Many people that repeat negative relationships, which are abusive physically or mentally do this because they feel they cannot move forward out of the box of unworthiness that they have put themselves in.”

Do you know a person (maybe a friend) that repeats negative relationships and you don’t understand why? Be assured that it is because they feel insecure, vulnerable and unworthy.

  • They may have had a terrible childhood where they were told they mean nothing in this world.
  • They may have been physically, mentally or sexually abused and feel that they deserved it.
  • There are many reasons for a person to feel unworthy. Our logic tells us that we would not allow anyone to abuse us if any of the scenarios above were the case with us, however, if you are not in that person‘s shoes it is hard to know what thought activity are raging around their mind.
I remember when I worked with family services we were astonished about the women who repeated the same abusive relationships and it seem to be almost impossible for them to step out of that box regardless of the help or the advice that was provided.
  • Unfortunately, due to their nullifying imagination they believed they deserve all the mental and physical abuse they got.
  • They tell themselves that the fight was their fault, or that they shouldn’t have looked at their partner in a certain way.
  • They give themselves any excuse to absolve their partners brutal behavior, and consequently it is easily repeated.
  • It is like an addiction that is out of control. These dangerous and untrue messages are playing constantly.
  • They have never become the star of their show.

When I understood how the law of attraction works I understood how this all fits together. It is the thoughts in your head that invites the people, situations and things into your life.

    • If you do not feel worthy then you invite unworthy situations and people.
    • You will definitely repeat this until you decide to honor yourself.
    • Everyone on this earth is worthy.
    • Everyone! There are no exceptions.

Unfortunately, the messages people have taken in, the lifestyle they may have been born into and the people that have influenced them may have been most negative. The good news is:
  • Each one of us do have a choice to change our thoughts about ourselves and to change our lives.
  • You are of great importance to the universe.
  • You should be the first on your list of positive thought; in other words you have to love, and treat yourself with respect.
  • This is not egotistical at all. It is egotistical if you look down at others and are conceited and boastful.
  • Loving yourself means taking good care of yourself and respecting your own boundaries.
  • It doesn’t matter what anyone said to you in the past,  the past is gone.
  • It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you now because that can all change, much faster than you may think.
  • What matters is that you understand and believe that you are the star of your show.

To change the you, you are now to the you that is loved by you and others, you have to start to replace all of those negative thoughts about yourself.

Some of those negative messages are much stronger than others. Initially, Affirmations are the best way to deal with this. Use strong ones such as:

‘I am a valuable person and deserve love and respect to flow into my life.’

‘I am valued and loved.’

There are more of these positive affirmations in the book, Your Invincible Power.’


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Also you may need the help of tapping. There are some tapping exercises on this site.

Think of the good things about you, write them down. This may be hard because you haven’t allowed yourself to think this way before now. Make the list regardless, even if it seems hard to do. If you find it overwhelming leave it and then go back to it but you need to keep adding to it.

If it seems difficult try thinking of those parts of you that you like, such as:
  • I have nice eyes.
  • I have lovely  hair.
  • I have lovely skin.
  • I have a great smile.
  • I have nice feet.
  • I love the way I look in this outfit (whatever you love to wear)

Or this may be easier:

  • I am a great help to ? (you can put a friends name or a relatives, whoever)
  • Friends love my cooking.
  • Friends love it when I make a joke.
  • Friends love the parties I throw.
  • People love my honesty.
  • My friends love to visit me.

If you don’t have many friends still put out these messages to the universe that you do have  many friends, and believe in what you say. People will start to show up in your life.

You will eventually find wonderful relationships and discover that you really are the Star of Your Show!

Also practise this

 Your Friend, Pamela

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