Social Media Content. 3 Must-Know Ways to Maximize Your Content

Social media content. It looks so simple but once you peel back the layers it becomes so complex.

Keywords, Hashtags, SEO Rank, Impressions, Reaches, Engagements, Likes, Comments and Shares are only the outside layers of Social media content measures and targeting tools.


Like I said it’s a complicated entanglement of factors that all affect how well that picture of you petting your kitty will do. And you thought you just had to post funny cat pics and you were all set.

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But for social media content to work as a brand building tool or an engagement tool there are 3 Must-Know Ways you need to use it.

Customize Your Posts.


Too often I go on to someone’s Instagram page and see the exact same post I just seen on Twitter. Or I see the Twitter post is linked to the exact same post on Facebook but the text is cut off due to the character limits.

Here’s my question to you. If all your social sites have the same content then why do you want me to follow all your sites?


This was the first and one of the most impactful things I learned when building social media content.

Give people a reason to follow all your sites. I seldom post the same picture on all three sites. I use each site for a different purpose.

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Creating customized social media content will keep your followers engaged on each site and help with your SEO ranking as well as build brand awareness, trust and interaction. You will quickly see which of your fans are more likely to attend your webinar or event just by how many times they like or interact with your various sites.


Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


The second Must-Know for social media content is, what works on one doesn’t work on the other. What this means is Twitter is different than Instagram and Instagram is different from Facebook. People who love Facebook don’t understand Twitter but Instagram allows you to use the best traits of those two site in its site.  


Sound like another language yet?

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When you’re creating your content think about what the site is dominantly used for. Twitter is a news feed which means you need a short intriguing headline along with an eye-catching picture or GIF. Use only a few relevant Hashtags to target your post to those who will benefit from it.


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Facebook wants a description of what your social media content is about but doesn’t want to see more than 20% copy on the picture. I go with no copy or just a logo. This type of post is best used on your business page for Facebook.


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A big mistake people make with Facebook is trying to market to their family and friends. Don’t! They are not your target market and they are not following you because they are interested in your business. Their your Family Dammit!


Instagram is a great tool for social media content.

You have an abundance of hashtags allowed, you can use lots of copy in your post and you can write a book for a description if you so feel. (Don’t, nobody‘s going to read more than a short paragraph or two)


But beware, Instagram is more of a behind the scenes – this is what I’m working on – kind of media. It’s a soft sell space. You can’t use links to other sites except in your Bio so you really have to talk to your audience and give them the inside peak that they can’t get from your other pages.


Quick Videos and GIFs.


This is the third Must-Know for social media content. Moving pictures have a huge impact unless its over done.


Unrehurst videos are a great way to keep you audience engaged and really boost your SEO. GIFs are also a great way to show your audience that you have a sense of humor and that your brand is fun. You can use them on all social sites but don’t over do it.


It is good to have a mix of various types of social media content as well as a schedule for when you want to post.

There are many site to use such as Snap Chat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Google Plus to name a few. I limit myself to the Big Three mainly because of time management and content creation.


When using videos or GIFs think about what you want the post to do?

Entertain, inform, engage or just stand out and get likes. Being conscious of what you want any of your social media content to do is the best way to maximize your post and get the most out of your social media marketing.

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Comment below and share this post. Check back here often. I will share some targeting strategies in one of my upcoming posts. If you want to learn more about utilizing your social media content and how to reach more people contact me here.

About the Author: W.T. Hamilton is an Expert in the Law of Attraction and coauthor of over 6 motivational books. He is a successful consultant and business coach helping his clients achieve their goals and ambitions.

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