Request: Is the Universe Sending You That Which You Asked For?

Request, this is how they say we get things using the law of attraction. You imagine it, you request it, and then you wait for it.

This is the simple process that will bring you the life you deserve, but have you noticed something? Have you noticed that the universe is a non-physical entity? Do you realize that the universe has no arms or legs? So when you send your request, how will the universe deliver?

I use the law of attraction in my daily life. I use it to help me focus on achieving the things I set out to achieve. I use it to help me experience the things I want to experience. I am constantly learning new ways to use the law of attraction to help me attain the life I deserve. But something I learned in the beginning of this great and wonderful journey was how my request would be delivered.

This had a profound impact on how I used the law of attraction.


Now, I first learned about the law of attraction through the movie, “The Secret.” I thought it was an amazing movie and it explained for me the things I was already experiencing in life. Until that point I thought I was just lucky, not realizing that I was optimistic, so I drew the things to me by way of attraction. But the movie didn’t really show me the how, only telling me the what, which led me to explore this phenomenon to satisfy my curiosity.


What I discovered was the how.


Once I understood the how and I proved to myself that it worked, I wanted to share it with as many people as I could. I co-wrote our first book, Your Invincible Power: Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy, with Pamela Hamilton (My Mom). It was all because I understood how the law of attraction works and how the request is delivered. success tips, mindset, ebook "Request: Is the Universe Sending You That Which You Asked For?"Since that time I have been on a mission to help all those I can to understand how to use the law of attraction to make not only their lives wonderful, but to improve the lives of those around them.


I’m excited to share how the universe will deliver your request right now, so get ready because this may have the same type of life changing impact on you that it had on me!


As I learned how to really focus my thoughts on the experience I wanted and I made the mental request, the universe would deliver to me a path. I always receive my request in one of three ways. In thought by way of a new idea, by an opportunity that wasn’t present before, or by that which seems to be a coincidence. These are the three consistent ways that my request is answered. It is always in one of these forms. I called it the hidden opportunities.


These hidden opportunities are very rarely obvious. I had to learn how to train my mind to not only see them but understand how I could create something out of them. Sometimes an idea seems just like an idea, it is masked as a fantasy, something that couldn’t really be, until you really discover  how to turn ideas into things. This is something we teach through our books and trainings. But the single biggest thing that has impacted my life is knowing how the universe delivers the request.


Knowing that it comes in these forms allowed me to take steps, take action, to make my dreams manifest. Now you will be able to do the same. Learn how to see your request and bring the life you deserve to you. It is the law of attraction in action.


“Dreaming about it is just the beginning. Now tell yourself you will have it and focus on finding a way.” W.T. Hamilton

W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books and training programs to assist you in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.


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