What the Quiet Voices Whisper? You 5.0

Voices tell tales of potential and inadequacies in the moments when your attention is elsewhere.

As your thoughts travel to dreams of what could be, the voices are waiting to remind you of your restraints. For every possibility there is a voice of reason telling you of the unreasonable expectations that you hold. It is in the tale of the story of limit that the whisper spins it’s lies.


Do you realize there are two voices inside your head? Do you know that there is more than one story that is being told?


voices whisperThere is a voice of volume and a voice of whisper. One is vastly more powerful than the other until the instant you become aware. It is in this moment that you capture your inner strength. And with this inner strength you control the voices that are at play.


The whisper holds the most power, it always has and alway will. It dwells in the subconscious, in the silence of thought. It relays tales of weakness and imperfection. Tales that you would never purposely listen too but hear regardless. They speak a well-known and agreeable language. The words somehow hold a logic that fits pleasantly within your beliefs, your reality of the way things should be.


The whisper’s words hold feelings of protection like wonderful advice from a trusted friend. There are no reasons to question these words. No reason to explore the root of the message. No reason until the journey presents one.


The voice of volume speaks the language of triumph. It speaks of a quest, of the possibilities of next, of an unlimited future. But in your core, in your untrue reality, your whispers prevent you from sincerely believing these words. Volume has little weight. It’s impact falls on deaf ears. That is until the journey rattles, shakes and tests the truths of your reality.

You 5.0

As your comprehension of real is shattered into a thousand tiny pieces and your world is spun inside out and upside down, the voices of volume become the whisper; and the tales you speak of are those of unlimited potential. The creation of a new reality, the real reality manifests. This is the inception the new you, You 5.0.


As the emergence of the new you takes place there will be moments that will present to you strange and unique chances to attain a fresh and distinct knowledge as you forge on in this exciting revived future. But be aware of the possibilities of next. Realize, you magnetically draw these opportunities to you; in the new whispers that speak to you in the moments your attention is elsewhere. There are those among you that can assist you in the preparation; help you hear the whisper and discover the mind-blowing and unbelievable realities that exist for you. That can help sculpt and craft the new story of the future you. You 5.0.


Let us guide you in creating a new tale for your quiet voices to whisper. Let us help you as you begin to understand that you were drawn to us because you attracted us to you.


Are the voices boggling your mind yet?


Welcome to your new reality.

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