Promoting: When the Writer Became the Promoter

Promoting, it felt more like selling most days. There was no joy in the process for her so she always looked for ways to avoid it.

She felt most alive when she was creating. This was her gift, her love, her way of contributing to the world. Promoting was something that others could do for her. She was more than happy to pay a few extra dollars and let someone else do the promoting.


promotingShe adored writing, she had control over the story, the characters, the twists and turns. It brought a significant sensation of joy whenever she created these magical stories. She was also elated to share her stories with the world around her. To be engaged with the fans of her work brought excitement and pleasure within. She was a writer, not a promoter.


The promoter took the book and the ideas that she had and made them into her marketing.

The marketing was always beautiful and exactly what she had envisioned. It would always bring awareness to her phenomenal stories. Her only complaint was that the campaigns never seemed to be long enough to have a solid impact. She loved the attention that they brought but it seemed to always be over too soon. She wished that she could extend the marketing but the promoter had to move on to the next writer, and there was also the issue of money.


Money had always been the one big factor that dictated how much marketing each story would receive. She often felt like the story needed more promoting but the money would tell her no. The money was not very cooperative. The writer needed a better solution, she needed another way to get her book in front of many people. So, she decided to become the promoter.

Money Invincible Power

Switching her focus from constantly creating to promoting was a task that she was unprepared for.

It was a whole new world with it’s own set of rules and techniques. She found herself lost in a sea of advertising options and still no budget to work with. But she was determined. She knew there was a way and she intended to find out how she could do it herself. She planned to master the art of promoting.


Through her focus and her belief that she could become a promoter she discovered an amazing site that could teach her exactly what she needed to know to extent her marketing efforts and get her book in front of many people. As she learned this skill she realized that she could continue to create new stories while also applying her creativity to her promoting efforts.

The writer discovered that she was always a promoter, she just needed to understand the art of promoting.

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Author Bio: W.T. Hamilton is the coauthor of 5 inspirational books, considered by many to be a fascinating exploration into personal development and success building.

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Pamela Hamilton and W.T. Hamilton are now sharing the knowledge they gained from self publishing 5 books. They are helping other authors gain the advantage as well as helping authors avoid some of the hurdles and challenges they faced as they learned how to become book promoters.

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