The Problems of Others

When we look at other peoples lives we see clearly all of the mistakes they make and we have great advice to give to them.. if only they would listen.

However many of us don’t think often enough about the cause of our own circumstances that develop when we give other peoples problems our attention.

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Even though those other people cannot hear when we are talking about their problems we are inviting those problems to ourselves. We may ask how this could possibly happen but it does. We have to understand that there is a powerful law working 24-7 in our lives.


  • It never takes time off.
  • It labors effortlessly to bring to you what you think about.
  • What you talk about.
  • What is on your mind each night when you go to sleep.

This is the Law of Attraction and it is the most powerful law that ever was or will be.

  • Talk is energy and problems are negative energy.
  • Talk around negative energy will reflect back to us.
  • When we allow another persons problems to saturate our mind we have invited their plight to enter our lives.
  • When we believe the person we are talking about is reckless and that they deserve the predicament that they have brought to them, we are inviting their problems into our lives also.
  • When we feel great sorrow for their plight we can also bring that to us.
  • Anything that becomes a predominant thought plays out into our lives.
  • However, if the thought of other peoples unfortunate situation or condition isn’t controlling our lives then we are not inviting it to us.
  • If it is of concern but we do not spend hours believing something terrible will happento that person, then we are not inviting it to us.

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Another way we bring problems to us is by gossiping, which the majority of people love to do.

  • The problem with gossip is that it turns us on, so to speak, we become very involved in this habit.
  • It may seem like fun at the time because we are able to point out someone else’s misfortune, or someone else’s dilemma.
  • The effect with this is that the gossip builds up energy, and then this negative energy will be reflected back to us.

The less time we spend in thought on the negative situation of another person’s problems not only gives us freedom from inviting it into our own life but, also, it doesn’t add to the other person’s negative field either.

Bottom Line

Anything that we focus continually on is what we invite into our lives, regardless to where it is coming from. However, it doesn’t mean that the exact situation will happen to us, it means that a circumstance of negativity to a similar degree will come about.

So the next time something unwanted happens focus back and find the cause before dwelling on the effect. This way you can turn the effect around by changing your thoughts Drama when someone is tellinginwards to the positive field. These are the lessons in life. The Universe does not punish us for mistakes it gives us valuable lessons.

We can then change our habits in life by not rejoicing in another person’s problems.
You just have to remember nothing happens without a reason. The Universe doesn’t work like that.

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"The Problems of Others"Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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