Problems and Solutions, How to Solve any Problem

We all have problems there is no argument in that statement but did you know solutions to those problems can come to you so much more easily than you may have known up until this point?

This is what usually happens with most people, when they have a problem they mull over the problem with great focus. They try to come up with the solution by going over and over the problem. The problem then becomes your main focus and the solution literally gets pushed to the side. In other words, that problem in your life is given more energy than the solution.

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The more we focus on anything the more energy you are giving to it and the law of attraction manifests what you are thinking about. The struggle with it then becomes enormous if we don’t check our thoughts about it at the early stages of this problem.

How do We Change this when the Problem is so Real and there Doesn’t seem to be a Solution?

We take our minds from the discord it brings, and we become solution oriented. Even if there doesn’t seem to be an answer or a solution anywhere in site. When you do this you will give energy to a solution showing up. Believe me there is always answers and solutions to every problem, always, it is a universal law. Nothing is too big for the universe.

When you give focus to a solution you are asking for help from this very powerful Universe then the solution can show up. In other words, you let go and allow that solution to come. Your mind is not hampered with the problem but the solution. By letting go of the problem you are allowing the solution to appear and it will.

Every problem has a thread of some positivity and every positive situation has a thread of some negativity. The reason for this is that we have to have contrast in all we do so that we can have an assortment of choices, ideas and desires. We are not all the same, we don’t want the same things in life, and so we are given many different situations to help us sort out what we do want and desire our life to be. Problems present themselves to show us we are on a wrong path. Also to help us change our thoughts around what we are doing at this present time. By continuing to focus on the problem you continue to go down that same pathway and that same journey goes on.

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When you are solution orientated then you can gradually change the situation and your journey will also change.

Use positive thoughts to allow a solution to appear. Here are some ways you can use self-talk to change the energy from the problem to the solution:

  • Even though this problem is so overwhelming I understand that a solution will appear very soon.
  • I don’t have to live in fear of this situation becoming worse and overtaking my life because there is always a way out. Always.
  • There have been many problems in my life and solutions have shown up, when I look back and think about them now.
  • I’m understanding that problems present themselves in lessons to help me understand the path I am on. So maybe this isn’t so bad and I just have to change directions from where I am now.
  • I understand that the solution is on its way and I will not allow the problem to get bigger by focusing on it.
  • I know in my heart, even though this problem seems mighty big, that if I don’t worry about the problem a solution will show up. I believe this.
  • I am grateful of all problems that present themselves to me. Because I know some positive energy is there and will eventually overtake this problem I am facing.

Use this self-talk to move you in another direction, to turn your journey from the negative to the positive field. This will overtake the worry behind the problem and enable you to quickly move towards that solution and then the solution can show up more easily.


“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.”


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I love the quote above. You see the law of attraction matches what you are thinking about. When you are worried this mighty law magnifies your worries by giving you more. So each thought laced with worry attracts another and another. Eventually the problem becomes much worse it cannot do any other. So the answer is change those thoughts and you will find the solution. And the bonus is you will eventually see that less problems show up in your life.


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"Problems and Solutions, How to Solve any Problem"


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