Be Aware of all the Things That Have Been Accomplished by…

Be Aware of all the Things That Have Been Accomplished by Those Who Kept Trying.

Potential. It looms in everything around us. It is born from curiosity and harbored in courage and confidence. It is invincible at birth but becomes fragile as mountains are moved and journeys commence.


Potential moves through some with ease while others struggle to see it in its true light. It may not be obvious to the naked eye, it may not be clear to the untrained mind, and it may have a masked view, but there are those among us who can see it beyond sight. There are those whose mind is of a way that sees potential in the abstract. Their thoughts were made from an unlimited, unrestricted, and boundless mind. Their truth was unconventional, exceptional and defying.


Often misunderstood, they navigated their reality with none more than their own support.

Armed only with their belief, ambition, and unquenchable desire to achieve. No substitute could be offered in its place. No alternative could sweeten their palate, or satisfy their appetite for achievement. There were no barriers too tall nor obstacles too grand. No lessons too painful, or test too intense to defeat their desire to succeed.

Wisdom potential


It was against these very odds, the odds that didn’t apply to them, that they forged onward, toward their goal. To set the bar and the example for all those to follow, so that others could have a model to follow, a possibility to believe in, and the hope of accomplishing great things. The self-belief and self-confidence they harbored allowed them to dream in the grandest fashion, and to achieve in the most spectacular way.

The voices of self-defeat never took up residence in their mind.

Their mind was overflowing with ideas and possibilities, with the best case scenario, with the vision of the life they wanted to live. They couldn’t hear the words and suggestions of self-defeat as their mind was drowning in thoughts of potential and in the volume of having and achieving.


This is why they never quit. They never gave themselves a reason to. They never entertained the possibility of not having what they were focused on. It was in this mental strength that they allowed themselves to succeed while others allowed themselves to fail. It was in this awareness of their inner strength that they were able to accomplish all the things they did.


It was in the belief that no challenge was bigger than the satisfaction of achieving. No test was larger than the feeling of accomplishment. No defeat was lethal, no failure was permanent, and every dream had the right to live in the full glory of its vision.



Look around now. Look for these people, find them in books, on YouTube, in your city or country. Ask yourself this, are they so different from me? Are they better in every way than I am? Did they have an easier road, better conditions, and more potential than when I started?


You will find that the only thing that they had, that you may not have right now, is a deeper desire to accomplish that which they set out to do and achieve. But what would happen if you developed the inner strength, belief and desire they had? What would happen to your journey if you raised your desire, to accomplish at their level? What would happen if you learned to keep trying as they learned to keep trying?

Be aware of all the things that have been accomplished by those who kept trying.


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