Personal Disasters Open up to the New You

Personal Disasters and what to do when they enter our lives

I was talking on the phone with my sister the other day and her conversation took on her fear of the future and how life had become worrying. Unfortunately there is a tendency in the masses to think this way.

Personal Disasters









What then happens is they become fearful of change and often attract what they would call personal disasters. However, the fact is that life is changing constantly and we are changing with it whether we want to or not. It is happening in your now. And so if you don’t open up to change life will change around you and you will stay clinging to a past that is gone never to return. Doing this can only leave you with all those things that (you view and call disasters).

In other words things that went wrong in your life. Opening up to the new you means to leave those old memories that have never served you and open up to the new ones that you can create purposely in your now.

    • To cherish the new you means that you are the creator of your life.
    • It means you can start to reshape your life at any point and arrange it the way you really want it to be.
    • It means to open up to new things and allow new events, people and circumstances to take place in your life.
    • Be open to joyful surprises taking place in your life.
    • Open up to the new you means letting go of anger, resentfulness, jealousy and any part of you that doesn’t serve your best interest.

  • It means what you have created to this point is not all you can be, there is much, much more.
“Life is a journey with many roads that lead to many different outcomes. The choices we make build the story that is our life. Sometimes you find yourself making the same choices over and over again and you feel like you are in a rut. This is because there is something that you need to learn before you can move on to the next chapter in your life.” Your Invincible Power, How to say Goodbye to the Drama. 
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At first when we hear of a dreadful situations such as world disasters that happen in life we become fearful ourselves. Through the media we give it lots of attention which brings even more negative energy to that dreadful circumstance. (Remember whatever we give our attention to attracts more of it. This is a universal law). However, eventually people change their focus and take their attention away from the fearful part of that disaster and the energy begins to change when people band together to help in that disaster. The fear is then overcome by kindness and love has people help out and the energy becomes positive. You see and hear of wonderful people showing up and giving valuable assistance.

This is the universe giving a lesson and then following it up with many opportunities. These same lessons enter our life constantly. Opportunities show up if we can take our attention away from the negative part of the situation and focus on a quick solution and then move from the situation that was troubling us. When we can successfully accomplish this we will see new ideas and creativity show up in its place. Regardless, many lessons and opportunities go unnoticed by us. We tend to stay in that negative field instead of moving on to a solution to assist us to move on to a better place and a better situation.img071 “Personal Disasters” Open up to the New You

Being open to suggestion is a healthy attitude to take and will draw to you many new things To start on the path of the new you, you have to let go of any fear that you may believe the future holds for you. Open up to the idea that the future has many great events, people and situations just waiting for you to tap into. When you are not looking for fearful events, when you focus on better concepts happening in your life they will show up. This is what you truly attract.

“If you want something new, be open to having it come from anywhere, any place, any person.” Sanaya Roman.

If your life feels dull and full of routine no one else is to blame but yourself. Life is telling you that you are not open to the now and that you are safely living in your past. People only stay where they are because they are afraid to move forward. They are afraid that if they take their dreams to the next step they will be disappointed–that old
beliefs of limitation will still be waiting for them.

None of this is true. The universe is set up for us all to expand and it is an all inclusive universe which means we all have the same worth. Their isn’t such a thing that makes anyone better than you. You shine brilliantly like everyone else does.

Just like the disasters that happen in life learn to quickly move out of the negative field of anything that is taking place in your life that you don’t want by quickly finding other thoughts that point out the positive path that will be waiting for you.

The universe is always on your side, forever waiting for you to learn more and move forward without fear. Use your mind to assist yourself out of any personal disasters that may enter your life. After all these are not really disasters they are ways to move forward from a loving universe. Once attention is quickly moved away from the negative field to the positive field you will see less and less personal disasters enter your life.

Your Friend Pamela Hamilton

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