About My New Novel Love, Life and Beyond

Love, Life and Beyond a novel with a non-fictional slant!

Our world is in so much pain, only because we on a whole feel like we have lost our way. I had come across a wonderful and simple solutions to remedy this pain. A simple solution that works. But how was I going to help people to find their way to a joyful life? Then an idea came to me. And this is what conclusion I came up with. I am a fictional writer first. I then wrote and published five non-fiction books on the subjects dearest to my heart about this new discovery that changed my life to wondrous joy. What I discovered was real. How could I blend the two? A much sort out writing coach told me my idea couldn’t be done.


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By then I had discovered the Master Key System by Charles Haanel which says,

“Imagination is the mighty instrument by which every discoverer, every inventor, opened the way from precedent to experience. President said, “It cannot be done,” experience said, ‘It is done.”
– Part 8, paragraph 9

I understood I had to move away from this fear and go ahead and write what my gut feeling was telling me to write. And so, I went ahead and wrote Love, Life and Beyond on what I now call the vulnerability of fear within a fictional story.

I have learned many valuable lessons through my journey by watching other people’s lives. Universal laws are simple but because we have learned so many false premises throughout our lives of how we should act, think and be we have lost our way to finding our joy, which is ultimately why we are here. When I found my way back to manifest anything that I wanted and was able to take control of my life the way I wanted, by doing the things that I wanted to do at all times—I felt I needed to pass this on.


And so the idea was born to show you my valuable readers the way to all what you desire through the lives of these characters in this story.

Through this story you can see what life is inviting you to do and be, through these fictional characters.

In my book Love, Life and Beyond Anne, who is a woman of racist values dies of a brain aneurism. In the afterlife she makes an agreement to go back and change the racist ideas that she had imparted on to her daughter and her family. However, there is a catch—she is born black and doesn’t know anything about her agreement. How can she possibly succeed to save a family who have nothing but hate for her? And what happens when through their hate a hate of her own towards them is born? Through the help of her non-physical mentors a way is lit up. However, Ann now Nova does not know of these non-physical entities or their purpose. Without her awareness, how will these mentors show her the way when she has her own free will of choice and is oblivious to them?

Love_life_and_byeond_6 "About My New Novel Love, Life and Beyond, Coming in the Spring."

These lovable mentors not only explain why certain incidents, circumstances and people show up in the characters’ lives but also your life. How can this be?

Read Love, Life and Beyond and find out how this is all possible. You can now buy it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters Indigo. eBooks are distributed to the Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle Store, Google Play Bookstore, Nook Store and the Kobo Store. Also find it on my author page on Goodreads.

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We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and the use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation. 22 "About My New Novel Love, Life and Beyond, Coming in the Spring."

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