Money, and How it Serves Us

Money and negativity  Many people are so busy making money that they haven’t enough time to enjoy it.

Their day is full of time limits from when they get up in the morning until when they fall into bed, exhausted, late at night. They then wonder why they feel so stressed out. They become shackled to what they started out to believe was “the ideal life” their desires then turn into anguish.

money stack "Money, and How it Serves Us"

If money is serving you it’s supposed to represent freedom. If freedom is not what you are experiencing then your money, no matter how much you are making, will not bring to you abundance, security or more importantly, happiness.

So the question is how do we make our money serve us?

We believe in the universal law which tells us we are all worthy. We are all deserving and we are all abundant. In other words, we reach far beyond what we have had access to up until now.

We don’t have to work hard, all hours that we are given to receive money that will serve us. We do not have to change jobs to feel the wonderful experiences that we deserve through our work.

We just have to believe in universal laws. We first have to change the symptoms of our work and thoughts, which have been of complaint, and who can blame us for telling the story of how hard our day is, or how much time we give to our work. The only problem with this kind of talk and thinking is that the Law of Attraction gives to us more thoughts and complaints to think about. It actually mirrors back what we are talking about and thinking about.

It is advisable to try and focus on the good things about your job. I know this is hard but, believe me it works. I worked in a most negative job. A job that most people, as soon as I Positive relationship test cover 10told them where I worked, would feel sorry for me and say, “Oh, dear, that must be hard.” I talk about this in our book, “Your Invincible Power.” My co-workers and myself would say, “We don’t get paid enough to do this work” and we would complain miserably so. And then around four of us started to use the law of the universe to focus our thoughts to the best aspects of the job that was possible, which was: we worked by ourselves, our boss didn’t breath down our necks, so to speak, we didn’t have to clock in and out, we were trusted to make our own decisions, and the list went on. As time went by our job got better and became more positive. Things started to change drastically, and then suddenly, without our knowing, we got a really big raise. So this is how it works.

We have to break the bubble of disbelief about money, which is hard to do. We should never have to slave for money, and if we are we are not in the right job.

This doesn’t mean you have to change it you just have to focus on the reason why you got the job in the first place. Perhaps you could take your mind back to that exciting time when you were told that you had the job, and hone in on those feelings. Revisit a better time and bring that into your now. See what emotions you can change with those thoughts.

Your vocation should be fun. It should be freeing. If it isn’t then you should change your thoughts on it. Find aspects of the job that appealed to you at first, when you decided to go into this occupation. Try and see the positive side to it again, and believe me you will see great changes take place.

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The more you can feel positive emotions about the job the more the Law of Attraction will reflect more of those aspects. Money earned from positive experiences will then serve you and you will not feel like a slave to your job again.

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"Money, and How it Serves Us"Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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