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There is a misconception about money. A lot of people think that pursuing money and wanting an abundance of money in your life is something bad.

They think that you are greedy or doing things in a non-genuine way because you are trying to make money. If you tell someone you want to be happy everyone will think that is good and encourage you to pursue happiness. If you tell someone that you want to be healthy again you will receive the same encouragement. Same holds true for love. Have you ever told someone that you just want to be in love and received negative feedback? Of course not, everyone deserves love right?

So why are we ashamed to want to be rich?

Why do we down play the goal and not tell everyone that you know that you want to be rich? I think it is because when you make a statement like this, people will assume you are looking for something from them. They will think that you are greedy and selfish because you want to be rich, but I ask you to think about this. If you had an abundance of money, what would you do with your life? Or how would you live your life?

Can you achieve this lifestyle without money?Positive relationship test cover 10

I have seen good people suffer and go without simply because they did not pursue avenues to bring more money into their lives. It wasn’t because they were lazy or afraid, it was because they didn’t feel they could become rich and they also thought that being rich was bad. Somehow they believed they had to compromise there values and beliefs if they wanted to have an abundance of money in their life.

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For me this notion is strange. I can’t make the connection. You need to control your own financial future which means you need to learn how to generate and control money. Money is a tool that you can use to make your life easier and to create the time needed to allow you to focus on your health and relationships.

The Truth.

You have to realize one of the most important realities in life which is this.

Money will never make you happy, but, the lack of money will make you miserable.

This is the truth and it cannot be disputed. Marriages crumbed from the lack of money. It is very difficult to fight aliment and disease without money. It is hard to enjoy life under a mountain of debt.

So why should you be allowed to pursue love and happiness but not money? Is this logical?

The Law of Attraction teaches us to allow the things we want into our lives. It teaches us that we write our own future. We need to only identify the What and the How will find us. The path to your How might take you on a journey that will bring more money into your life as a condition to achieve your goal, even if you goal was not based on money. The key is to allow the process to develop, let it in, understand that you drew this to you when you focused on your What. Know that you control the things in your life and have an Invincible Power to keep the things you do not want out of your life.

It means that you do not have to compromise your beliefs and values to achieve your goals. You can allow things into your life without losing yourself if you stay disciplined and focused.

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Money is not a bad thing, it’s just a thing.

I think of it as a tool to help me achieve joy & happiness. There are many ways to make Positive relationship test cover 10money. Making money the honest way and with good intentions is the path I choose. I believe that those who make money at the expense of others do not get to keep their money for long. I also believe that the money made from non-genuine methods does not bring any joy or happiness into your life. You will always fear that someone will discover you and take what you have away.

The truth is there are not many easy ways to become rich.

Becoming rich is a learning process, it is a journey of discovery just like anything else in life. You have to work at it and plan for it. You have to draw it to you and create the conditions to gain the momentum. Anything you pursue should be done in the conscious mind. Everything should be done first in your mind, see it before it happens. Feel the experience in your thoughts, in silence, drawing the experience to you.  This is Your Invincible Power, your gift to discover and use to improve your love, your health, your relationships, and your inner self.

Your ambition is your fuel, it is your driver, your ability to make your goals materialize in the Now. The strength of your ambition will dictate how successful you will be in any journey you take on.

Believe that you will be rich and pursue it like it has already happened.

Draw it to you. Learn about it and experience as many things as you can to make you feel rich. Know yourself and your values and hold them close to you. Don’t worry about time. Time will move at the speed you are ready for. If things are not moving fast enough for you it may be that you truly don’t believe that you can achieve your goal. It may be that you do not fully understand how to tap into Your Invincible Power.

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You are the only one that can truly hold you back. Get out of your own way and let theLimits facebook banner 5 universe work for you.

This is Your invincible Power.

The universe wants to give you what you ask for. It wants to materialize what you are focused on. It is at your command but you must really believe that you deserve what you asked for. You have to be ready to take action. Take charge of your goal when the opportunity comes your way.

Be ready to receive what you are focused on.

Learn to tap into Your Invincible Power and you will be able to bring the things you want into your life.

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