MLM. Is this Killing Your Business? This May Be Why Your MLM Venture Isn’t Working

MLM Startups are popping up everywhere. I am constantly seeing new ways to sell the next greatest product.

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I was recently offered an opportunity to join a new Startup. It was an MLM venture that looked very promising. I won’t tell you which one it was as this is not a product review or endorsement. But before I decided to pull a wad of cash out of my bulging pockets I took an alternative approach.


Like any MLM Startup the first thing you will hear about is the product.

It is the hot new product that everybody wants. And it’s true. As you look at it and read about it you say to yourself, ‘I want that.’ You can see all the faces of the people you know that would love this product too. It’s a no-brainer, where’s my wad of cash, I’m ready to sign up!

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But here comes the lesson. Are you ready?

MLM is also about bringing others in as affiliates to share in the greatness of the product sales and build the network of people who are all selling with you and for you. It’s a great model and it works very well for many types of businesses. But the problem is, or better, the question that should be asked is, ‘What is the customer experience like?’

This is where I altered too. I wanted to experience this ‘new hot must-have’ from the customer side first. This is a really important step you should always take before you join any MLM venture.


There are 3 things you must be able to check off in your happy column before you reach for your wad of cash.

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1. How Easy is it to Find the Product on the Affiliate Website?


This is very important to know. Can you get to the product quickly? Is it clear and easy to click the product and get into the shopping cart? How far down the page is the clickable product?


2. What Happens When I Get to the Shopping Cart?


Do I have to join or become a member of the site to buy from the affiliate? Is it easy for me to enter the information? Can I use PayPal or eTransfer? Is there a simple return policy?


3. Once I Decide to Make a Purchase What is the Final Process?


Will I have to go to another screen for more offers? Can I just buy the product I want right away or is there processing delays?

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All of these points create the customer experience. If the experience is difficult, complicated or confusing guess what, You Won’t Make Many Sales – If Any.


This is what I have found with MLM Startups.

There is an urgency to get in before everyone gets in but the MLM company is not really ready to do business yet. There are a lot of bugs to work out of a Startup. Each hiccup will cost you customers and credibility so be careful when reaching for your wad of cash because the biggest part of the MLM model is…selling to people you know first.

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And I’m sure you know what happens when you get your friends and family to join the next hottest thing on the market and it doesn’t really get started. They’ll have a hard time trusting you when the next greatest product hits the MLM Startup market. Be Ware!


So for me, the customer experience wasn’t good.

I was unable to complete the transaction because the MLM company was still in the infancy of the Startup stage. I knew at that point that this MLM Startup was more focused on getting affiliates at this point than it was having people fall in love with the product.

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So I had to put the wad of cash back in my pocket and wait for the next new hottest product to hit the MLM Startup market.


The End.


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