Mission Impossible: Achieve the Impossible

Mission Impossible: The goal – to create 10 videos by the end of February for YouTube campaign. This was my mission should I choose to accept it.

This Mission Impossible started with an idea. Since writing the book with Pamela we have been transitioning from writing to promoting. It is not an easy transition for writers to stop writing and start promoting. It feels a lot like selling, but guess what? It is.

So as the days grew to weeks we began to look for and create ways to connect with our Mission Impossible do the thingsaudience. One of the ways was to make some of our blogs visual and promote them on YouTube. It was a great idea except for one little problem. We really had no idea how to do it. Making a video looks easy because it isn’t. There’s a lot to it.

Mission Impossible: The Hurdle.

The hurdle isn’t what you think. You think it is not knowing how to make videos but no, that’s not it. The hurdle was the timing of the idea. It came just after Pamela who is the co-author of the book, Your Invincible Power escaped the frigid winter for a tropical paradise.  We also wanted the videos for March so we could build up excitement before we launch our webinar series (which will start shortly after Pamela’s return from the tropical paradise)

This was the plan. But how do we get people to see the videos? I knew that we could promote them on our Facebook page. It has a good following and is growing every week but it is not a big enough reach for our goal.

So I reached out to my friend Misha at Elite Book Promotions and she said that she could promote the videos on Twitter and other social medias starting March 2nd.

That was great! The only problem was, it was almost the end of January and I only had 4 videos done. This wouldn’t be such a problem except I can only work on theses at night and on weekends.

Mission Impossible: Achieve the Impossible

So the stage was set. I needed to put my nose to the grindstone and pump out 6 videos in four weeks. I had to find excuses to succeed. I had to remove the limits and do the impossible. I didn’t panic. I believed I could do it and I focused on getting it done in a fun and easy way. The last week of February I still need to complete two videos. These last two were tricky because I also needed my oldest Son and oldest Daughter to help me and their time is not easy to acquirer. But I always knew I could do it and I used the Law of Attraction as my partner. On Friday Night (February 27/15) we filmed and edited the last video. Mission Impossible is possible.fractal-381027_640 limits

I hope you get a chance to check out our videos and let us know what you think. Remember, the more limits you remove from your mind the more the impossible becomes possible.

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Mission Impossible: Achieve the Impossible
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Mission Impossible: Achieve the Impossible
Mission Impossible: Achieve the Impossible is about taking on a challenge that seems bigger than you can handle and learning how to find a way to achieve it. It is about an impossible mission that I took on and championed it.